‘Could this day get any weirder’ well apparently it did. After Alex’s scene in the canteen Josh now knew about vampires, Rachel was now clasped on the back sit of my car with Christian holding her for dear life and I was zooming down the back road to our house in the pouring rain.

“She will be alright Christian.” I told him yet again keeping my eyes on the road. “We may need to take her home.”

“We’re going home anyway.” He replied.

“No I mean Rachel home, her parents are going to be worried.”

“Leighton she’s not awake how is that going to look!” Christian snapped back, it made me jump hearing his voice like that in such a long time.

I took a breath before replying. “I’m worried about her t-

“No you’re more worried about Josh blabbing.” He caught my eyes in the mirror and carried on. “I saw you. I saw you hesitate. I felt it. Rachel clasped in my arms yet your only thoughts were Josh. Sometimes I really don’t understand you Leighton.”

I was shocked by his words; I turned my eyes back to the wet road and drove in silence to Rachel house. The lights were on, smoke coming from the chimney and her parents car on the drive. “I love Christian you’re my brother but get out of my car and deal with your girlfriend.”


The mountain lion growled showing a pink tongue that curled around its white sharp teeth, lowering its body ready to attack; flexing its claws and its dark hunter’s eyes matched my sapphire deadly gaze. Snarl escaped my mouth, its scent rushed in filling me with the blood-rush, fangs grow, my body tense and posed waiting. I could hear its heart beat quicken, uncertainly and almost taste its blood in my mouth before I pounced and tackled it to the ground ripping into its throat awaiting the warmth of the blood. The lion clawed my body but I didn’t care. I needed this, I let go of the tension and enjoyed the power of being in control taking what I wanted.

Afterwards I sat looking down at myself, my clothing was torn and bloody from my meal. The rush of kill made me want more, I enjoyed the chase, the kill and the blood-rush…but it wasn’t the same…

The moment was broken by the sound of someone clapping and turning I saw who it was.

“That was quite a show.” Alex purred strolling forward dressed in black, leather jacket open and few top buttons open on his shirt. My heart jumped seeing him; the rain was still pouring and socking his hair. A memory came to the surface of me taking the black grip from nape of his neck, running my hand through his long curled blond hair and how soft it had been. Quickly I pushed it back down keeping it locked and hidden.

“So was yours.”

“List my clothes weren’t torn to pieces, although your brother looked like he wanted to rip into me again.” Alex stopped right in front of me, his scent surrounded me. “Angel.” I gasped hearing him call me by his name for me, it scent goose bumps around my frozen body and his finger ran down my cheek bone. “You’re blushing.” He whispered.  

“Leighton!” A voice in the distance shouted.

Alex lent in slowly whispered in my ear. “Until next time Angel.” Then kissed my forehead and disappeared breaking the spell.

“Leighton, are you ok?” Rachel was suddenly in front of me her chestnut hair damp around her worried face.

“Yeah I had to feed.” I looked back at the mountain lion lifeless form; the blood-rush had faded now. “Glad to see you back on your feet.”

“Thanks and good. I came to find you, Christian said he snapped at you and we talked about it and I don’t blame you for worrying about Josh. He’s a human and now he knows about us.” Rachel shrugged and we started to walk back through the woods.

“Well he thinks he knows everything but nah he doesn’t have the first clue so I think we’re safe. Are we going to yours or?” I asked interested to know how things went at her house with Christian.

“Christian thinks we should talk to Josh and he also wants to say sorry for snapping at you.” Rachel replied. “I was going to say my house but your clothes are torn and bloody.”

“Do you want to pop home with me; maybe shower, change clothes and then I can drive us back?” I suggested.

“I won’t fit into your clothes.”

“Of course you will and I can finally get you in designer clothes!” I tried to lighten my mood and dressing-up Rachel seemed the best way. Then plan a way for her and Christian to go on an actual date and for once leave the drama and be sweet lovers.  


The End

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