It all goes down

I trembled in the corner trying to think of a way out. I was numb with pain, not only because I was on the brink of being dead but also because Christian was in trouble too. Josh stared at me with a crazed look in his eye although Alex seemed more interested in black mailing Christian about what could happen to me.I stayed silent and even though I wanted to scream, I know no sound would come out even if I did (trust me, I tried).

“Look, just get out of here Alex. I’ll give you anything you want, just don’t hurt Rachel” Christian pleaded. Alex laughed menacingly and rolled his eyes.

"Uhm, let’s see…do I listen to poor, wittle lover boy or do I get rid of both of you?” he cackled. Suddenly, Christian eyes flashed over with rage.” I tired of this!” He bellowed. “This is exhausting! Look, Alex, the whole rivalry between our parents was horrible. My parents, Leighton and I have suffered a huge amount. However, why suffer more? This is more trouble than anything for either of us! Can we just stop? Please, was acting like children?”

“I KNEW IT! “Josh said suddenly, smiling like a crazed lunatic as his left eye twitched. “The rivalry. The necklace. Your eyes. Your skin.Everything!I was right! I was right!” he screamed as he climbed on to cafeteria table A3 and jumped on the bench seat. By this time, the whole cafeteria was silent and everyone’s mouths gaping open. Christian buried his head in his hands and walked over to me, picking me up into his muscular arms. “I’m done.” He whispered in my ear. I wrapped my arms around his necks and pulled my head into the crock of his neck.

We left the cafeteria leaving Josh laughing hysterically and Alex squinting after us. His eyes pierced through the thick tension filled air and his lips parted. “Both of you.Dead” he mouthed to me. I gasped and suddenly my mind blanked.”Rach? Rachel what happened? Can you hear me?” Christian fuzzy voiced asked as it faded out into the buzzing. I tried to stay awake and respond to Christian but my eyes drooped and rolled back into my head. Everything disappeared.

The End

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