Christian - Vampires on the brink

English was next and as everyone settled down, I noticed Josh sitting by the window. I hoped he wasn't hinting about the whole 'Leighton Vampire' thing. I decided to ignore him for now and assume that he had been put off by Leighton screaming at him when he put his hand down her shirt. We had been asked to write a fictional story. At first, it seemed like a perfectly normal lesson at first but apparently Josh had been a sad, little teachers pet. Twenty minutes before lunch Mrs. O'Donnell stopped us and surprised me a little. "Right, as Josh has been so kind to suggest this lesson..." everybody groaned at his name, "He can start us off by reading a short paragraph of his work." Everyone moaned again because nobody liked reading their work. "Mine is called 'Vampire School," Josh began. This was definitely a large hint.

Some small paragraph. It lasted the rest of the lesson going on about how vampires stuck to the shadows and bit people continuously. After five minutes, everyone was asleep. The bell woke us all up and the whole class left in a swarm but I managed to catch on to Josh's arm and I let him drag me along until he finally gave up trying to shake me off and we came face to face in an empty corridor. "What do you want from us?" I asked angrily.

"Wha... What?" Josh muttered.

"Don't give me that! You've been hinting all day. The window, the story. WE ARE NOT VAMPIRES!" I shouted at him. He tried to run my grip would not loosen. I eventually gave up, gave him a hard stare and released him. He scampered off and a voice echoed though my head. Alex.

"Leighton. Poor, poor Leighton. So helpless. The humans. The poor, poor humans. Again, so helpless" Alex's voice was worse than a splitting headache. But what did he mean? "What's the matter, Alex?" 

"Leighton needs you. The humans around her will soon be killed by someone close" He said,  not reveling himself but I knew he was watching me. I could sense it. Leighton. Trouble. Humans. Oh god. Josh! I ran at super speed, not caring who saw me. Leighon was in trouble and Josh was there with her. Where was she? I spent the next five minutes searching for her. She was in the cafeteria. The least expected area. Alex and Josh were there and Rachel was curled in the corner. Alex was gaining closer towards her, fangs glinting; Josh was silent, staring anxiously at Alex, muttering about the horrors of realizing the Vampire World was larger than could be imagined. 

I though about the ring. The secret I had kept all those years, starting from when I was very young and my dad was still around. Every Saturday, my father disappeared for a few hours. Once he took me with him and I discovered my fathers terrible secret. He secretly saw Alexs father. Alex wanted me to find the ring. He knew it was a weapon against him but he still let me have it. That was when my father was blackmail by Alex's father. The ring was just a distraction but Alex let me keep it. I don't know why my dad was blackmailed or what about. I just knew it was bad. Especially because both my parents died 3 months later. 

"Ah. Christian. You got my call?" Alex sniggered but he never took his eyes off Leighton. "Good. The whole gang with extras on the side," He laughed. He had a massive advantage. "Let them go, Alex," I demanded. 

"What? Even Joe, here?" He indicated to Josh. 

"I'm J... Josh," Josh stuttered nervously. 

"Whatever. I just hope you realize, Josh, that by falling for Leighton, you have dug yourself into deeper trouble. I could kill you all within seconds. And yes, Vampires are very much real... And on the brink of taking over Earth once again!"


The End

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