Glass…broken…red….glass…broken…red…the images that kept flashing through my head as I slept and then something grabbed me and I saw golden. Crashing noises surrounded me and the scent of blood filled the air and then I was fully awake. Christian was bleeding and Alex was holding him in place both were snarling at each other, Rachel was curled up in the corner and I should of seen that she was ok but I heard my brother growl in pain so shifted my eyes towards the fight.

In vampire speed we attacked and it ended rather fast with Alex taking hits from us and not putting up much of a fight he lost his footing and fell unconsciously on the floor. I dragged Alex outside while Christian was seeing to Rachel suddenly Alex woke up and flipped me to the ground.

“Nothing like a morning brawl to wake you up and stretch your muscles.” Alex purred.

“I knew you were faking it, so tell me why did you stop attacking when I joined the fight?” I asked he considered his answer for a few minutes and I saw something flash in his eyes but then it was gone.

“Then the game would be over.” Then he was gone and I was left confused.

After I had bandaged up Christian I made cappuccinos for us all, we sat together talking about anything and kept watch on alert. I got up went up to my room and looked in the mirror. Rachel right I did look a mess, I striped throwing my clothes in a bag and went into my bathroom for a long hot shower. A knock at the door came as I stepped out of the shower and I put my white snazzy underwear and silky purple dressing gown on.

“Hey bro.” I smiled seeing that he had removed the banged now the bleeding had stopped and healing.

“Hey, so are we going to school?”

“Of course we are I’m not living in fear of my life.” He smiled bringing me in for a hug. “But I’m taking my silver Porsche do you want a ride?”

“You can’t take your car though.”

I pulled back from the hug and started to put on body lotion. “It’s called a fake ID and we do not look 15 so don’t panic…you know dad left his car for you.”

Christian looked away sighing. “I know…his old classic…”

“You know you can’t keep shutting out the past, I remember you and dad use to spend hours working on it together…I know you miss it.” He smiled seeming lost in the memory. “Now go and get ready for school pair of you.”

“Yes mum.” He smiled waving heading out of my room. I walked out of my bathroom my blonde curls wet as I went over to my dresser, I grabbed my hair dyer and had the feeling of been watched. When my hair was dry I smiled thinking of Josh, the feeling was still there and I couldn’t help myself I let my dressing gown slip off my shoulders down to the floor and slowly made my way to the walk in wardrobe.

“Leighton are you ready?” Rachel shouted with one last look outside I winked my eye, smiling sneakily and made my way downstairs with the car keys.


Everyone was crowded around my car I was sat on the car hood radiating from it all, Christian and Rachel were by my side and with the humans (well popular) we made quite a statement. Rachel was talking to the other girls and Christian was joking around with the lads that looked like they were on some school sport team wanting Christian to trial out for. Then a figure captured my eyes, Josh was running into school before the last bell went and stopped dead see the crowed then his eyes fell on me. I pulled the pendent from my necklace up and dangled it in my fingers and gave him the sneakily smile and winked my eye.

He opened his mouth and the colour drained from his face. The bell went and everyone started to make their way to their homerooms, Josh seemed frozen in place and people bumped into him although he didn’t notice. I jumped off my car and walked past him whispering, “You look tired after your 2mile run.” He gasped and stared at me. He knew that I knew…it was 2miles from our house to school and he knew.   

I walked away then linking arms with Rachel as we all headed for our homeroom. “So Rach you staying ours again tonight?”

“I don’t know yet mum and dad are worried so I better stay home tonight.” She replied checking her timetable for today.

“I’ll drop you off after school then.” I smiled seeing my timetable. “Higher addition Art and then lunch.”

Christian came to sit down. “Why do you have double art makes no sense.”

“I only have it for one period everyday now; Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning its double, get over it. See you two at lunch.” They waved goodbye and I made my way to art. Miss Clare was sat at her desk sketching and told me to find a paint colour and get some water.

I was drawn to the red paint and poured myself a glass of water then I heard his voice.


“Sorry Miss Clare I got the wrong timetable and they said that you had accepted me in this class.” I spun round and saw him standing at Miss Clare desk.

“Very well Mr Vulgari.” I dropped everything and stared at Alexander strolling towards me.

“Leighton! Please clean up your mess.” Miss Clare called with her head back to her sketch. Looking I saw the broken glass, the red paint and I gasped staring back at Alex who sat at a desk taking out a notebook.

Could today get any weirder?   

The End

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