Rachel-The night is a dangerous place


Leighton woke up about 5 minutes after she had passed out
from giving Jessica her blood. When Leighton woke up, it was pretty scary though,
she was disoriented at first and she told us she felt dizzy. After mumbling a
few incoherent sentences, she fell back asleep and I laid her down on the couch.
After he reassured me Leighton would be fine, Christiane checked outside to see
if a certain perv was watching us-luckily we were safe. Shortly after Christian
declared he was going to take Jessica back. I wanted to go with him but he told
me that staying with Leighton was more important. It felt like hours and the
minutes slowly creeped by as I listened to Leighton’s slow, heavy breathing and
watched her chest silently rise and fall as she drifted off into a deep stage
of REM.I listened to the crickets chirp and the geese’s honk as night morphed
from night to dawn and as I was about to fall asleep, I heard pounding on the front

”Leighton! Leighton, wake up! I hear something outside. “I
anxiously whispered. Her response was a snore and I got nervous as the pounding
continued. I scurried to the front window to see who it was and screamed. It
was Alex, dressed in all black, only visible because of his penetrating golden
eyes that met with mine. “Open the door sweetheart, I’m not going to hurt you
“Alex cooed as he smiled menacingly. “No, NO!”I shrieked as I backed up into an
antique table, knocking over a vase. The china shattered on the floor and
shards flew everywhere. I heard Alex sneer from the other side of the door and
throw back his head laughing. “You’re pathetic! “Alex growled as he crossed his
arms across his chest. “You let me in or I will break down the door, Rachel.
Either way, you’ll be dead in about 5 seconds. “As adrenaline rushed through me,
I threw myself against the front door and screamed for Leighton. I knew Alex
was probably pounding on the door outside but I was so scared all I could hear
was the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. Suddenly, the door broke down
and I was hurdled across the room and banged into the wall. “I told you I could
break down the door “Alex said as he sauntered over to the couch. “My dear Leighton
“he said as he gripped her jaw so her face was directed at his, “Your next”.
Alex then came over to me; I was curled up into a ball sobbing from fear. He offered
me his hand but I refused. “Just trying to be a gentleman. “He said as I yanked
my hand away from his. “But never mind that then”. He grabbed my elbow and
yanked me up and pushed me against the wall high enough so that my feet were
just not able to touch the ground. “Alex! Alex please stops! “I moaned as he pressed
me against the wall so hard I could barely breathe. I tried to squirm out of
his tight grip but I eventually became dizzy and my eyelids began to flutter.
As I began to lose consciousness, Christian swiftly burst through the door and threw
Alexander to the ground. “DON’T YOU DARE EVER TOUCH RACHEL AGAIN! “Christian
roared as he assaulted Alex, who was taken off guard by Christian’s sneak attack.
At this point, Leighton finally woke up and joined Christian to beat up Alex
who wasn’t putting up much of a fight. After they had rendered Alex unconscious
(for the time being), Christian raced over to me and I noticed his shirt was
ripped and he had a fresh wound running all the way down his arm that was bleeding.
“Are you okay? “We asked each other at the same time. I engulfed him into a hug
and snuggled up close to him as he stroked my hair. “I’m okay although I have a
few bruises “I told him when we finally let go of each other, “How about you?”.
Even though it was apparent Christian wasn’t okay, he gave me a weak smile and
told me it he didn’t care if he was okay, he only was worried about me.Leighton,
who luckily escaped without a bruised rushed over to Christian with a first aid
kit and bandaged up his arm.”Thank you” he said as she applied gauze, medical tape,
bandages and Neosporin to his arm.I swear, Leighton could be a nurse! After we
were all cleaned up, everyone was too alert to go to sleep so we had the chef
of the house-Leighton-whip up some cappuccinos and we all sat drank as we
huddled close together and kept watch.

The End

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