Josh- Sheez just got weird

Ok so it wasn't my brightest idea to stick my hand down blondes shirt.

Yeah that was pretty stupid. I sighed, hitting myself in the forehead repeating.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid head."

I don't know what came over me. I saw the necklace and I just went for it. People had called me weird and idiot and had made fun of me for so long about believing in vampires but this necklace proved I was right!

I had to get that blond chick...what was her name? Lane? Lancaster? Linda? Whatever, Lil miss L. Yeah I like that. Not like she was going to go out with me now. What a jerk move. But she was stuck up so I didn't care she was way to into herself...she was probably dating herself or her stupid handbag. Damn pretty girls! what was the female equivalent of a jerk?? A she-jerk! Yes, the she-jerk! I like that better than Lil miss L.

I laughed aloud.

I don't think she'd ever let me look at the necklace up close or borrow it. She probably got it from a pawn shop because it looked so expensive and shiny and probably matched her self satisfied bag. How can a bag be self satisfied I wonder. I guess it takes after its owner.

I sighed. I should've played it cool. Cooler. And what was with her brother. He needs to lay off the protective pills. I mean dude you got a girlfriend chill all ready she-jerk can take care of herself. Bite size had quite a grip. My wrist still hurt.

I kicked at the leaves miserably.I still stood outside their house. I didn't really care if they saw me. Maybe that tough guy would come out and chase me away but maybe I could squeeze in an apology in between the 3 seconds it took for him to step out on the porch and break my nose.

Now that I thought about it. Those three were really pale and a little to click-ish I mean self-satisfied-art-wanna-be's don't hang out with people like Rachel and she didn't seem like the type to go for Mr. Steroids as a first choice.

Yes. This was uncanny like an assorted box of jelly beans. I mean why would all these jelly beans that have nothing in common but shape want to be locked in a box together unless something was forcing them too.

What was forcing these distinctly different jelly beans into the same box. Was it their insanely pale skin and self-jerks strength? Which could only mean they were vampires...well it could mean a lot of things but I would go with vampires. I mean why not. If I was wrong I couldn't appear any creepier could I? And if if was right then HA! everyone could suck it and apologize and then build me a tree house and a car and we could call it even for all those years of verbal abuse. Yes. This was a good idea.

I could use my binoculars that I'd gotten for my birthday. Heehee stack out. I had to go tell Tommy.

I took off through the woods with one last glance at the house. Oh yeah they were so going down.

The End

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