Leighton-Her life is in my hands


I raced to fetch Rachel who was at home with her family, but I didn’t understand why she had to be involved in any of this an bitter thought passed through my head and I regretted it soon as it came. Christian just wanted to keep her safe, it was logic and well I guess it was love. I was just coming near her house when a hand reached out and grabbed me.

“Well well, everyone seems very worried about dear sweet Jessica.” Alex was holding me to his chest and his arm around my waist. “Such a shame and your brother playing hero.” His breath was hot against the back of my neck; I tried to struggle out of his grasp and failed.

“So what am I to do with her? Come on Alex you have all the answers don’t you? What do you want me to do?” I said in a low voice and slowly running my fingers across his arm. “You asked me to bring her to you after all, this human girl and I have.”

“I am impressed Leighton…”He turned me around still keeping his grip around me. “Sorry I didn’t get to see you at school, but your uniform looked great on you.” I smiled sweetly moving my hands across his thin black jumper. “And I bet it would look even greater on my bedro”-

That was when I choose my moment to push him forcefully backwards straight into the wall, I didn’t hesitant and darted off before Alex could stop me.

 Finally I reached Rachel house, but how was I going to get her out? I got my mobile out and texted her;

‘You need to come ASP x!’

Her response came seconds later;

‘What happened? Is it C x?!’

‘No…Jessica from sch. C wants you at ours. I’m outside ur house x.’

A few moments passed before she replied;

‘2mins x’

Rachel appeared with an overnight bag and her school things, I quickly updated her on how we found Jessica and we soon made it to my house. Christian looked relieved to see us; I could feel it thought our connection and he went to hug me but I went straight to Jessica who was on our couch.

Rachel came in as well seeing Jessica, “Oh my god. What do we do?” Jessica was pale, heavily breathing and sweat was forming on her forehead. I went down checking her heart beat. “I just hope Josh wasn't watching.”

“Why would he be watching?” Christian said putting a hand on her shoulder.

“You know what he’s like and he might be watching the house.” Rachel replied.

“Christian, I need you to take Jessica to one of the guest bedrooms and close the curtains.” I stood up nodded to Christian. “Rachel, can you bring me some towels, water and a bowl?”

“Of course.” She replied jumping to it, I went to my bedroom taking my uniform off and putting on a grey vest and dark jeans. “Jessica two doors down, she getting worse and I…well what are you going to do…?”

I wrapped my hair up in a tight bun. “I can’t answer that yet…” Christian took my hand in comfort.

“Do what you have to do…should I call her parents?”

“No. Not yet.” I let go of his hand and went to the guess bedroom bring my bag of tricks, Rachel was there and brought all of the items.

“Thank you.” I set the bag on the dresser taking out some of the items. “You don’t want to be here for this.” More voice was more serious than ever, I went over to Jessica and checked her heart beat again, it was weak.

“Leighton?” Rachel edged near me.

“Rach let’s go and check outside the house, make sure Josh isn’t playing prev again.” Christian closed the door and left to it.

 This was my mistake, Alex only wants to see how far he can push me and I wouldn’t let him screw up this innocent girl life. I found his bite on her hip, it was healing already and I hated what I had to do.

“Sorry this is really going to hurt.” Jessica was barely with it and didn’t mind me ripping her top…but screamed as my teeth covered the area that was healing. Her poison blood filled my mouth, I grabbed the bowl spitting it back out and carried on doing this until Alex’s poison was gone from her system. Jessica covered in sweat; she was exhausted and gasping to catch her breath.

I went to my bag pulling out a syringe, but I heard a change in her weak breathing…I spurn round and ran my nail across my wrist and quickly placed it against her mouth.

“Come on Jessica…please come on you have to stay human…take it.” I said closing my eyes…it felt like hours but was only minutes when I heard her heart beat…slowly it got stronger. “Good girl.” I removed my wrist and gave her some of the water which she lapped up. She opened her weak eyes and tried to speak. I went a got the syringe, carefully putting the special liquid in and went back to her hip. The bleeding had stopped.

“Le Le…Le.” She murmured, the syringe went into her arm and I caught her green eyes.

“Shh, Jessica you’ve had an accident you fell and you’re going to be fine…but you need to rest now…shh sleep…” My words were quite and very compelling which was the point. Jessica wouldn’t remember much from tonight and drifted off in a deep sleep.

After clearing away everything I went outside breathing in the night air and leant against the garage.

“Leighton!” I jumped hearing my name being called. “What’s happened? Oh my, look at you.” Rachel came over letting go of Christian hand.

“How’s Jessica?” Christian asked reaching out, I quickly blocked my head and I saw him frown.

“She’s human, I took care of memory before you ask and she’s asleep.” Suddenly I felt weak and blinked rubbing my eyes.

“That’s great news, I don’t say this to be mean but…you look a mess.” Rachel pointed out. “What colour is that vest meant to be?” I smiled slightly looking down at my blooded clothing and arms, I could feel some of hair now damp on my neck and Christian eyes were locked on my wrist.

“What did you do?”

“She needed some of my blood, don’t panic it was only a small amount and without it she wouldn’t have to worry about school.” My voice was low and felt like effort to speak, healing Jessica had took a lot of me and the situation in art class today was taking its toll on me.

“Come on you need some sleep.” Christian hand reached out but I side stepped away wobbly. “Please let me help you, before you fall.”

I sighed hating that I needed help, that I was weak and feeling the way I did. “I can walk.” I grumbled. Then he sighed having enough of me. “Rachel tell him I’m fi-

Dizziness overcame me I reached out to the wall but felt strong arms and blackness filled my vision taking me into the deep depths.   

The End

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