Christian - One More Worry...

Leighton and I dropped Rachel off back at hers, as if we were going to see her again tomorrow not tonight, and we walked slowly back to ours. We relaxed on the sofa and turned TV on. It was about a guy who believed in Vampires. I sighed and watched. The camera showed a film of inside the mans shed; it was full of stakes and garlic things. He showed us his own invention: a sunlight machine thing. Leighton and I shuddered. If everyone had one of these then not even night would be safe. 

I got up and turned it off. The guy reminded me of Josh. It reminded me too much. Leighton stood up. "I'm getting a pizza, what do you want?" She demanded. "Erm... Just mozzarella please." She left. Recently, she'd been making a lot of excuses to get out the house. I wondered if it was something to do with Alex. I went upstairs, still thinking, to get changed to pick up Rachel. I put on my best jeans and hid my snake ring in my pocket in case there were any lunatics with sun machines. I put my shirt on as I wanted to go the city way to Rachels. I travelled back to the living room and waited half an hour for Leighton to return with a warn, delicious pizza in her hands. "Hey, what took you so long?" I asked casually. I could sense she felt worried about something. I didn't even need to read her feelings to know that; her face said it all. 

"Well, the queue was long, plus I argued with the guy in Pizza Hut so I went to Dominoes," She said. We sat down and ate in silence. I saved a couple of slices to warm up for Rachel later. We finished and started walking through the city. All that was left was a short walk along the street then down a long, narrow alley way. We crossed the road and began walking down the dark, damp alley. I heard moaning. "Can you hear that?" Leighton said, confused. Someone was moaning loudly. "Ah, Christian, Leighton. So nice of you to join us. This young lady wanted to become one of us... So she became my dinner!" He laughed and disappeared without a trace. Leighton bend down. "Oh My God,"She muttered. "What?" I asked. "Its Jessica Simpson. From school." I knelt down beside her. "I'll get her home. You get Rachel and get back fast," I ordered and I picked Jessica up and we went our separate ways.

I raced home, a moaning girl in my arms. I managed to open the door and placed her down gently on the sofa. She had stopped groaning and was breathing heavily. I didn't know what to do; Leighton knew how to sort out new vampires but she couldn't have carried Jessica back. A few minutes later, the back door slammed and Leighton and Rachel were back to help me. "Oh my god. What do we do?" Rachel cried but Leighton was already checking up on Jessica. "I just hope Josh wasn't watching..." Rachel sighed.

The End

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