Rachel-And so the interrogation begins

"Leighton wait up!"Christian yelled as I paced next to him.Leighton was about 10 feet ahead running hard as she could,suprisingly fast for someone in designer shoes.The wind rushed passed us and the smell of vinnila wafted through the air.Eventually,we ended back at their house and I heard Leighton bolt up the stairs and her door shut as I flew into the frount door.I settled down on the couch and chewed my lip,I hoped Leighton was okay."Do you need anything,Rachel?" Christian asked me as he stood behind the couch and stroaked my hair."No im fine"I replied smiling up at his perfect chizzeled features."I hope Leighton is too..."I told him,"I think im going to go check on her".He kissed my forehead approvingly and slid my backpack straps off my fatigued shoulders."Thankyou" we chorsed at the same time and then laughed.
I bounded up the stairs hesitantly,i hoped Leighton wasnt mad at me,however,I dont thibk she had any reason to be.I padded across the hallway until I reached her door.I heard a faint buzzing insode her room and i guessed it was her latte machine,probably brewing up a skinny machiatto-Leightons favorite."Can I come in?"I inquired as I knocked on her bedroom door.
"Who is it?"she asked.
"Guess" i told her.
"Come in".
I opened her door and saw Leighton snuggled up in her mountain of pillows sipping something hot as steam arose from the clay coffee mug.I flopped down next to Leighton and her Louis Vioutinne bookbag on her bedsheet and streached my legs.Her comforter felt as if it was a cloud and down feathers floated out of it as I sat indian style next to her.She smiled at me weakly and sighed."You okay?"I asked gently placing a hand on her shoukder blade.She slowly nodded her head and closed
her eyes,"Its just been a long day.My art teacher,Mrs Clare,is pretty strict and she told me she understood my art,even if I didnt.It made zero sense.Second,Im nervous about Alex-I didnt really see him though.Did he do anything to you?".Now was my turn to sigh.I grimaced and rubbed my temples tenderly-just thinking about Alex caused me to have a headache."I will tell you but mind it if I call Christian up?"Leighton shook her head,"Its fine by me"she replied.I called Christian and soon all of us we nesteled on the cloud."Rachel apparently had a run in with Alex"Leighton inforned Christian,who unlike her already was aware of the siruation."I know I was there."he told her.I squezzed his hand,thankful that he had been."Well,I was in science with Mr.Grello and we were outside for our nature studies.Alex was in my class and, of course,we were partners.We were looking at the bark on the maple trees near the back of the school and I suddenly felt his eyes peircing into my side...I dont know if i should tell you guys this next part...He told me he would kill me and Christian if I do tell anyone."

After Christian assured me it was okay,and that we could always stay home a few days,I took a few deep breaths and decided to continue."Well,I knew he was staring at me so I decided to turn to him.When I did,he grabbed me and told me I had to bring Leighton to him or he would kill Christian and I.I promise I wont though-Im just so scared!I dont want him to kill us!"I cried buring my face in Christian's chest.I started to sob and my shoulders shook as I cried harder.I felt pathetic for acting like such a baby but I was so scared.I couldnt stand the though of being killed,much less Christian being dead.I had so many questions,what if he found us?Could he really kill us?After another 10 minutes,I had calmed down enough that I was able to stop crying.I still was clinging to Christian though and was shaking violently.Leighton offered to make me some bubble tea and Christain carried me downstairs to the couch and covered me with a blanket.After I had my tea and they had assured me we would all be okay,I felt alot better.We all talked about the rest of our day and eventually moved to another subject:Josh Turner.

Earlier,I had ran into Josh at my locker and he had confessed he liked Leighton and wanted me and Christain to double date with them.Cheesy,yes but Josh seemed nice enough,at least to me.Leighton,on the other hand,told me he was way too forward and kinda weird.Right after we finished talking about Josh,the doorbell rang."I'll get it Leighton said leaping up and fixing her hair as she walked to the frount door.However,when she  checked who it was from the door's mail slot,she wasnt as happy about our visitor."Its Josh..."she told us."Should I let him in?".Even though no one was a huge fan of Josh,we decided to let him in."Hey peeps" he said when he walked inside."Oh wow,you guys have a fricken awesome crib" he told Leighton."Does Rachel live here to?"Leighton smiled at me and gave me a freindly hug,"Not permantely...yet".Josh continued to look around,as if he was surveying the house.Christian told me he wasnt to be trusted so we decided it would be safest if we had him just sit down.Leighton was clever and took a chair so she could sit alone.I was snuggled on the couch though and Christian was in the kitchen getting himself more "kool aid" when Josh came over and asked if he could sit with me."Uhmm"i hummed as bit my lip."Josh-Im sitting there,sorry."Christian yelled from the kitchen protectively."Sorry"I relpied as Christian snuggled under the blanket next to me.Josh looked around the room,annoyed he didnt have a girl to sit with."Care to join me on the couch,beautiful?"he asked Leighton.She glaced over at me and Christain and Christian chuckled."What?" I asked him.He whispered back that he and Leighton could read each others emotions,and right now she's dreading sitting with Josh."Christian!Dont laugh!"I playfully scolded him as Leighton threw us dirty looks.Josh escorted her by having them hook elbows and she wasnt loving it.As they sat down,Josh took off Leightons jacket and then stuck his hand down her shirt."Josh!"Leighton yelled."You b*stard!What the hell are you doing?!!"She yanked his hand off her breats as Christians bolted over slapped him across the face.Josh's hands immediatly flew to his face and he stumbled onto the floor in pain."I was just trying to look at your necklace!"He yelled."You didnt have to freak out!".Leighton's face grew red and she clenched her fists."I had the right to freak out,Josh!Your hand went INTO MY SHIRT!Your such a perv!And whats so important about my necklace?!"Josh squinted hus eys and let out a deep breath,"The necklace is a sapphire necklace.Supposedly,a vampire way back named Matilda Hill had owned the necklace.I myself know alot about vampires-and Leighton,my darling,you possess many of the qualities"."A vampire,John?Really?Thats your excuse for sticking your hand down my shirt?Its called being ALBINO and if you have a problem with it,you can leave!Christian opened the frount door and forced Josh out."And dont you dare come back,you pervert!No one treats my sister like that!"Christian growled slamming the door shut in Josh's pathetic face."Its JOSH not John!"Josh yelled from outside.When Christian and I returned back inside,we found Leighton clenching her necklace close to her heart and her eyes were wide open."He knows about the necklace.He knows about mum.He knows were...vampires"Leighton whispered,causing a chill to run down my spine."He doesnt know for sure,Leighton"Christian told her."You acted like he was crazy and thats what people will think even if he does tell them"Leighton relised this and calmed down but everyone was still on edge.

"Can I sleep here tonight guys?"I asked Christain pathetically."Of course!"He said hugging me."You better,I dont want anything to happen to you".I kissed him and started to cry again.He rubbed my back and comforted me sweetly.I knew at that point I loved him and I stood on my tip toes to tell him."I love you too"he replied.After we finished whispering sweet things in each other's ears,I decided I should call my mom to tell her I was sleeping over.However,she wasnt too keen on the idea."Sleep at home!Its a school night and you need the sleep!Your  coming home now,young lady!I havent even known where you have been for the past 2 hours-your grounded!"She scolded me beofre hanging up.I told Chrostiane and he sighed."Eat there and I will pick you up at 9:30 tonight so you can sleep here,your parents wont notice and I cant let you get hurt,I love you too much."He told
me.I kissed his cheek and then we told Leighton our plans."Sounds good!Im gonna tag along with you guys-thats okay?".I nodded and the three of
us set off running to get to my house.

The End

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