Leighton-First day


“You’re not wearing that.” My sapphire eyes glaze over my brother’s outfit again to confirm my verdict.

“Well it feels like I’m wearing it.” He turned round checking himself in his full length mirror. “Yeah it looks like I’m wearing it too.”

“Seriously bro have I not taught you anything? I know we have to wear these boring uniforms but that jean jacket over the navy blue jumper and white shirt? Come on get real…don’t you have your DKNY black leather jacket in this wardrobe?” I took one step towards the wardrobe then he got there before me and in a blink of an eye the leather jacket was on.

“There are you happy now?” He asked closing the door.

“Much, just undo the first two buttons and then your be ready for school.” I skipped into my own room carrying out last minute checks; hair naturally curled ringlets, neutral make-up, spray of Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy and glamour walk in the mirror. The outfit was simple and boring like most school uniforms, white shirt, navy blue cardigan with the school logo and black skirt that came just on my knee. Sadly the strict dress code wouldn’t allow my black heeled Gucci boots, so instead my black Chloe` buckle flats would have to do and made sure my thin silver necklace was hidden under my shirt.

“Leighton, come on!” Christen shouted from downstairs, I sigh taking on last look and pick up my Louis Vuitton backpack. “You’re going to wreck those shoes.”

“Then I’ll have to buy new ones.” He chuckled then saw Rachel and his smile grow.



By lunch everyone was talking about the new students at Chestertown…especially the threesome group with their pale skin and beauty that raided off them. I was used to the attention, especially off lads who were already placing bets on which one will take chestnut and who will take the blonde. Every school had its cliché groups and even walking down the corridor it was easy to spot.

“So what has everybody got now?” Christen asked us taking out notebook from his locker.

“Maths ugh…apparently the teacher a right dragon.” Rachel groaned.

“Could be worse, I’ve got History and I think I’ll know more than the teachers.” Christen sighed looking at me I nodded remembering how dad would lecture us for hours and then give us some task at the end making sure we were listening.

“Looks I’ve got the fun lesson then. See you beauties later.” I hugged them both and set off to find the classroom.

125 the door read, pushing the door open I took a breath and let my senses explore the large open room, window lined most of the walls making it bright and letting in fresh air. I took the high top table by the window running my fingers over the smooth wooden top and smelling the pine. Everything was neatly arranged, stored in the correct order and labelled. Looking out of the window I could see a group taking part in P.E looked like American football. The classroom was starting to fill up around me and the volume picked up.

The door suddenly banged open, making the volume of the room stop and the tap tap of a stiletto heel walked into the room stopping at the desk. Then the scratching noise a piece of chalk sliced across the blackboard, it stopped and still facing the board the voice of the body spoke.

“Mr Jackson, don’t even think about passing that scruffy handwritten note to Mr Ray, unless you want me to read it out loud.” The voice of the body turned round fixing its hawk eyes on the boy with curly hair who I assumed was Jackson. “You would also receive a detention with me, whom I can assure you my punishment will not be writing out 50 lines on ‘I will not write silly school boy notes’.”

Jackson by this point hard turned very pale and looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up. The whole class seemed frozen, no dare moved a muscle and I could hear Jackson heart beat thumping away like a little bird.

“I…I’m sorr.-

“Speak up boy, three year olds make more sense than you do right now.”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” It walked around the desk crossing it’s arms and gave Jackson a pointed glare.

“Very well.” It stood up and the whole class let of a sigh that the drama seemed to be over. “Welcome everybody to higher addition Art, I am Miss Clare and I expect nothing but the finest pieces of work. If you don’t think you can handle the work, assignments and even if you can’t cope with me…then door there feel free to walk out and any work that you have already completed will be burned and you will fail.” She let her word sink in before continuing, “You have all had to work already to get into my class and from seeing your work I can see those of you who will thrive. Now I will written a word on the board, you task is to interpret the word in whatever form and you will have 45minutes to complete the task…go”   

Everybody seemed to jump to it getting off their stools and looking franticly around the room for something to complete the task with. The word was ‘longing’, I sighed and got up off my stool finding some pieces of thick white paper and finding a piece ofcharcoal . The room was in a low mummer of conversations, Miss Clare was at her desk looking up and down, I guessed it was the register and waited for my name to be called. I took my cardigan off, rolled up my white shirt sleeves and began to work.      

“I can’t believe she caught you.” A voice whispered near the sinks. “I mean she didn’t even turn round.”

“I’ve no idea.” The voice sighed. I smiled to myself over hearing the conversation from Jackson and I think Ray. Everyone was busy and seemed hard at work looking over I could see people’s interpretations of the word ‘longing’. I felt for Christen wondering how board he was, but it wasn’t quite right he seemed confused and something else I couldn’t put my finger on. I shrugged off thinking it was probably something to do with Rachel.

That was when I felt it the tingle of heat on my chest and the charcoal broke in my hands causing me to smooth my hand on a different piece of paper, I was lost feeling the power run over my body…I gasped blinking my eyes and tried to swallow but my throat was too dry. I looked round wondering if anyone had noticed, Miss Clare was walking down the tables and looking at everyone work. Quickly I put my first sheet of paper on top.

“No what is the other piece of work.” Miss Clare was standing by my desk; I hide my curious look and laded out both pieces of work. Miss Clare was a tall skinny woman, black pencil skirt, white blouse and raven black hair in neat tight bun. Her dark hawk eyes studied both papers seeming to be working out the meaning.


  The first one showed two small children standing holding hands, standing on some decking and looking out to sea it the distance a boat sailed away…  

The second piece showed the smudged off the broken charcoal creating a shades of blackness but a swill of light in one corner and a image of a heart caught in the middle blackness on one half and grey on the other.

“I…broke the charcoal I’m sorry Miss Clare, I can replace it-

“No, what you have done though…interesting and was wondering if you could explain them?”

“The first one, is of two children maybe family related and someone they know is on that boat…and the second…I’m not too sure the heart I don’t know.” I sighed shaking my head and still feeling the tingle of heat.

“I can see it even if you cannot yet.” The bell rang making some people jump. “Everyone remember to pack away your equipment, put your work under your work table and I will see you all tomorrow.” The class started to move again, rushing to put things away and get out of the room before Miss Clare says anymore. I stayed there watching Miss Clare walk away then she turned round. “Leighton, remember to wash your hands I don’t want the blackness to spread anymore.”

I did as I was told and then made my way outside feeling confused by her words; I head for my locker and felt someone near me. The most of the school had already disappeared for the day, my head was starting to throb from the situation in art and I closed my locker see a boy with shaggy type brown hair and green eyes.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“More like the other way around, I was wondering I you needed any help?” He smiled.

“With what?” Ugh I really didn’t need him right now, I wanted to run, I was starting to feel a little trapped and needed to escape.

“Carry your books to your car or walk you home it can be a dangerous place around here.” I raised an eyebrow thinking he was in a dangerous company and right now he was in my way of freedom.

“Look right now you’re in my way of the door and I’ve not had a great afternoon so would love to get out.”

“Well why don’t you tell me all about it over coffee, I’m Josh by the way and I don’t believe we have had the pleasure.” He introduced himself but I wasn’t paying attention and slammed my locker shut ignoring his hand that was stretched out for me to shake.

“How about you mind your own business Joe, I’ve got a thumping head ache and this is really not helping me.” And with that said I turned walking always hearing him shout as I turned the corner.

“It’s Josh and see you tomorrow!” I rolled my eyes opening the doors seeing Christen and Rachel waiting for me. I walked straight up to Christen catching his eyes, my mood washed over him and he held out his arm. Taking my bag off my shoulder I gave him my bag pack and Chloe` flats shoes.

Rachel didn’t see the exchange so was a little confused about my mood, “Hey Leighton you wouldn’t believe this guy he…what’s wrong…?”

I shook my head at Christine but he gave me the look, I sighed hearing the snarl and took off running feeling the ground under my feet. My necklace came out from my shirt and the crystal glowed with my power then slowly the heat eased away the glow faded…but I kept running.


The End

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