Josh-Target spotted

There she was. Alone at last.

Tinkering with her combination lock on her locker that overly possessive boy that she was always hanging out with was nowhere to be seen.

I straighten my glasses and strutted over to her. She didn't even look up as I leaned against the locker next to her. I cleared my throat.

She glanced a me for a brief second before returning to her locker.

"So new girl...having trouble with your locker?" I asked, flipping my hair out of my eyes.

"I just have to twist it half a dozen times and it'll open." She assured me dismissively.

"I know a trick." I said taking the lock from her before she could refuse my help. I twisted the dial of the combination lock several times in both directions.

"Okay now try it." I said.

She dialed in the combination and this time the lock pop open.

"Oh...well that was easy. Thanks."

"Its Josh, Josh Turner." I said slyly offering her my hand.

"It's Rachel." She said shaking my hand. "How did you do that?"

"Magic milady." I smiled. "So you need me to show you to your next class...seeing as your all new and stuff."

"Wait...aren't you new too?" Rachel asked. "I thought I saw you in orientation."

"Aha that's how I know your wanna escort me to my next class?"

She laughed.

"Are you lost?"

"Only in your beauty jk."

She looked at me confused.

"Yeah I have to meet up with a couple of my friends." She said.

"Um...Okay I'm sure I can find my class by myself." I said. I had to think of something to say to get her to stay. I racked my brain for one of my best lines. She was looking anxiously down the hall. I was losing her . Quick.

"You know if the sun were as pretty as your hair they'd make shampoo commercials about it."

"Hey, I'll walk you to you class." She said so quickly I wasn't even sure she'd heard my line. But I didn't really care. She took me by the arm and nearly dragged me down the hall.

"Maybe we can grab some soft drinks after school or coffee I know this trendy little hole in the wall that makes the best mocha cappuccinos with carmel." I offered.

"Oh." She said smiling at me as we walked down the hall. "Sounds hip." She didn't seem enthusiastic. Maybe I didn't sell it properly.


I jumped. We both jumped. Standing between in the gap in the wall carved for the water fountain was this really creepy looking boy.

"Do you know him?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at him curiously.

"What do you want Alex?" Rachel spat.

"To talk." He said, leaning coolly against the fountain.

"I'm can't you see I'm busy?" She demanded.

Alex smiled almost mockingly.

"How make a cute couple."

I tried not to blush. I'd been avoiding this dude ever since I bumped into during orientation and I'd single handedly picked out the one girl he seemed to be attracted to to try and befriend.

"Meet me after school." He said.

"Oh...if only you'd asked be a minute fine fellow has just invited me to get coffee after school. I NEVER hurt those you trust be to be there for them." She said squeezing my arm a little to tight.

I had the weirdest feeling I was being used. I'd prefer she used someone else to get Alex ticked off.

"Hee." I smiled sheepishly. "You know what they say about trendy coffee." I offered.

"No I don't. Enlighten me." Alex said crossing his arms.

"Chicks dig it." I replied weakly.

Rachel laughed a little to loudly and falsely.

"Josh your such a charmer. Come one lets get you to class." She said leading me on.

I was glad to scurry away from Alex.

"So. You know that guy." I said as we turned the corner.

"I know he exists." Rachel said shortly."Where is your class anyways?"

"Just down here." I began to lead the way.

"So whats the deal with him? Like why is he always know."

"He didn't get enough hugs as a kid." She said.

I laughed.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I asked.

"No." She said blushing.

"Do you have a boyfriend." I asked.

She smiled at her feet. "Is that okay? I mean I'd understand if you don't want to have coffee with me after that. Yeah we should probably not have coffee. It'll be weird."

"No. Friends can have coffee."

"Oh." She sighed.

"Wait so the guy who is always hanging around with you is your boyfriend right?"


"Cool. Um so the other girls isn't his girlfriend?"

She made a disgusted face.

"No their twins!"

"Oh." I felt really stupid. "I get it. I thought they were together cuz they hug alot but that explains it. I just thought it must suck for you being the third wheel but now it turns out blondes the third wheel...unless theres a forth? Does she have a forth...wheel to roll with?"

Rachel frowned at me.

"What are you asking me?"

I sighed. I may as well come out with it.

"Your blond friend she's friend, not a blond more of a reddish, brownish sort of ginger told me I should make friends with you...I don't know why he said that's how it works...I was hoping you wouldn't want to have coffee with me alone so you'd bring your blond friend and introduce us so it'd be all cool and stuff." I gave her a hopeful smile.

She raised her eyebrows at me.

"Your really weird."

"Yeah I know."

"No like really, really, really, really weird. You do realize instead of making this convoluted plan you could've just asked her yourself?"

"Yeah I know."

"Hmm you just might be crazy enough for her. I'll see what I can do." She said. "Where on earth is your class again?"

"I'll find it." I assured her.

"Okay." Rachel said turning on her heels and bounding off down the hall.

The End

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