Christian - The Ring


Leighton had gone. I wanted to follow her but it would look weird if I suddenly got up and left Rachel alone, so I let her nestle against me. Anyway, I didn't want to tell her about mine and Leighton's 'connection'. We tended to feel each others emotion and occasionally read each others thoughts, maybe it was normal as we were vampire twins but then again, I'd never met anyone like us.

After about 10 mins Rachel got bored (I couldn't blame her) and said she was thirsty, I was too but I had to check something first. I let her leave and immediately, once she'd disappeared into the dark forest, I ran upstairs and filed through my wardrobe. I found my old Chestertown High uniform, I guess Leighton and I would be going there again. I wondered if Rachel was going as well. I assumed she was; it would look a bit odd if anyone saw a 15 year old girl as she would be expected to be at school and she might end up where I was...

I finally found the old shoe box I was looking for. I opened it and pulled out the small, black ring. Encased inside was my old, silver ring. I pulled it out, stroking the thin, black snake that was winded round it. It protected me from the sun, like the necklace I gave Rachel. Of course, it wasn't real but if I was in trouble, it would come alive and protect me from any harm, providing I asked it to. I heard the front door slam and I realized Leighton was back. I quickly packed the ring away and stuffed the old shoebox into the wardrobe and ran donwstairs.

Leighton was sat on the sofa, coat still on, while sipping from a starbucks coffee container. She smiled at me but I could sense worry. "Hey, do you know if Rachel is going to Chestertown?" I asked, waiting for the right moment to spring my question. "Dunno. Is something bothering you, Christian?" She asked, knowing because of our connection. "Yeah, I know something is worrying you. What?" I questioned. "Well, the night I met Alex. He wants me to do another job. And before you ask, I know we're already doing one but... it's a personal job that I have to do and I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone," She said, sighing.

"Is Alex going to Chestertown?" I asked. "Yeah," Leighton replied. I ran off into the forest to find Rachel and tell her to stick by either me or Leighton. Luckily, I soon came across her feasting on a bear cub. "Want some?" She offered. I tucked in, waiting for a chance to tell her. We finished eating and I began telling her what Leighton told me. "Right, so the job you're already doing is to do with me and Alex has given Leighton another job?" She concluded. "Yeah. Also, Alex'll be at school, I take it you're going?" I smiled sadly. "Was he there last year?" She asked. "No, he was away in Venice. I just hope that this time, he is in different lessons to me and I hope you're in the same lessons with me or Leighton," I said. Rachel agreed and we both went back to our own homes.


I had walked to school with Rachel and Leighton. We entered and got handed our new timetables. Rachel was in some lessons with me and some with Leighton. She was also on her own a lot of the time. I just preyed Alex wasn't with her. There were another few new pupils. There was Jessie Simpson, a short, blonde girl with pale blue eyes and pale skin. She was very eerie but I could hear her heart beating so she couldn't be a vampire no matter how much she looked like one. Josh Turner was also new. He was a tall, lanky, brown-haired boy with green eyes. He was a year older than me but I noticed his nerdy sense of humor yet many people laughed probably in pity rather than at the actual joke.

English was boring but at least all three of us were there without Alex. I hadn't seen him yet. Maybe he hadn't turned up. The bell went and we all got up to eat lunch. I knew Rachel had some lessons without us this afternoon, I just hoped that Alex actually hadn't turned up. We finished eating and walked round the school grounds for a while. The bell went again and it was time to go to History. We were all separated now. If Alex was here then he could spring on any of us. Half way through the lesson, I was shaking so violently that the teacher sent me out. I headed to Rachel's classroom to check she was alright.

I suddenly realized that they were outside for this lesson. I heard voices one I was outside the classroom. Rachel. It was her. "What do you want?" She asked, sounding scared. "You need to lure Leighton into my trap, and if you dare tell her then you don't want to know what I can do to you," A voice demanded. Alex. It was him. I felt like bursting into the room and rescuing Rachel. "Right, if you don't complete the task by the end of the week, I will have my father kill you. And your dear Christian. Just remember, you can't hide anything from me."

The End

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