Rachel-I didnt know i could,but now I know I can.



       Leighton and I sat as I nervously nibbled my nails and
started blankly at the antique grand father clock in her living room.The clock
seemed to never move its hands,I felt like time was standing still.”Where could
he be?”Leighton anxiously complained as she drummed her perfectly manicured
nails on the glass coffee table,”He’s been gone since,like,9pm last night and
its like,9am and he still isn’t here”.I nodded and bit my lip,even though I had
plenty of things to be nervous about,losing Christian was my worst fear.I’d
only known him for 3 days now but his perfect smile,sexy sapphire eyes,rock
solid abs and sweet character made my heart ache whenever I wasn’t with him.

As Leighton continued to nervously drum her fingers and
twist her hair,I began to feel dizzy and lightheaded.”Rachel,are you okay?You
look alittle,uhm,green…”.I nodded my head as my eyelids began to shut.I knew
that I should be trying to stay awake because I didn’t know what was happening
to me but my eyelids were so heavy and my thoughts suddenly vanished…

I didn’t know If I was dreaming or what but I was standing
next to Christian who was in a dark,locked prison cell.I all I could hear
around me was moans,weeping and people crying out-“Let me go!Let me go!”.Even
though the prison cell was dimly lit, I could see a security camera loosly
attached to the ceiling and Christian staring intently at a rat through the
bars of the jail cell.”Christian?What are you doing?”I asked him.He turned around
with wide eyes and his muscular arms ingulfed me in an embrace.

“Oh Rachel!”He exclaimed as he stroked my cheek.”How’d you
get here?Are you okay?Do you hate me?”.I looked at him quizzically as I
processed all of his questions.I smiled and tenderly kissed his lips.

“I could never hate you Christian,Leighton explained the whole
stupid note to me.Im totally fine,they haven’t found me yet and
I have no idea how I got here.I kinda fainted on your couch and,well,this is
where I woke up.”I reliped,taking his hands in mine.”Now you explain how you
got here”.

Christiane sighed deeply and closed his eyes.”Well I was
walking last night because I was confused.I wasn’t sure if you had powers or
not.Anyway,I was walking and I felt a sharp pain shoot up my arm.After that,I
passed out and woke up here.I guess you could say I had been kidnapped by the
police.After I woke up here,this officer comes up to me and tells me that I was
arrested for stealing $2000 from Alexander-he’s Xavier’s son.I told him I didn’t
know what he was talking about and they locked me in here.”.

“Did you steal it?”I innocently asked,even though Christian
is as honest as Abe and rarely ever lies.He shook his head,”Of course not,Alex
is nasty and plus,stealing his money would make you even more of a target.He
framed me.”We were both quiet for a minute until we heard the footsteps of an
officer coming towards the cell.”Crap!Um,where can we hide you?”Christian
panicked.The room was barren and empty,no furniture or anything.I grabbed his
hand and pressed my finger to his lips.”Shhh,let me try something!”I whispered.I grapped
his wrists and closed my eyes.I had no idea if this would work but it was worth
a try.I could hear the footsteps coming closer but soon I was zoned out and my
head began to spin.I clutched Christian’s hands as tight as I could and after a
moment,opened my eyes.To my satisfaction,my plan had worked!We were back in
their gorgeous living room right where I had been sitting before.”Rachel!Thats
amazing!So I was right,you do have a power-you can teleport!”Christian
exclaimed.Leighton whipped around and squealed when she saw us.”You guys!Your
back!”Leighton  squeaked.”Seriously,I was
about to like,die!I was so scared!You like,legit vanished Rachel-what
happened?!?!”.After explaining the whole story,Leighton sighed and hugged both
of us,”Im just so happy your back”.After giving Leighton another hug,Christian
ran upstairs to do whatever (he told us it was a secret and refused to tell
us),me and her had some time to talk.

She told me all about Alexander and how horrible he
was.Apparently,him and his father,Xavier,wanted to capture me.I was safe for
now but Leighton said I should always have someone else around,just in case.I
agreed and after about 10 more minutes,Christiane came back downstairs,holding
something behind his back.”Hey Christian,come join us!”I yelled patting the seat
next to me.He smiled and happily walked over.”Whatcha got their?”I asked him as
he snuggled up next to me on their plush sofa.Christiane grinned and revealed a
little black box behind his back.”Woah,easy there tiger-im only 15,don’t you
think were alittle young to get married?”I asked raising one of my eyebrows.

Christian chuckled and kissed me on the cheek.”Don’t worry,this
isn’t a wedding ring,”he laughed.”It’s a locket.It prevents you from being
harmed by the sun”.He pulled out a lovely,golden locket and fastened the clasp
around my neck.”You look gorgeous Rachel.It couldn’t be more perfect.”

“Aw,thankyou Christian!That was so sweet of you.”I said
admiring the shiny,gold locket.He slid his arm around my waist and pulled me
onto his lap.

“Ewww,you guys!Dont get all mushy!Thats so gross!”Leighton said
rolling her eyes.Christian stuck out his tounge playfully and elbowed her side.

”Its not like you’ve never had a boyfriend,Leighton.”Christian
countered.”Chill out sis.”Leighton responed by groaning and getting up.”Fine.Im
gonna go to starbucks to get a coffee-you guys want anything?”I
giggled and kissed Christian's cheek.”Im good,ive already got something sweet!”.Leighton squinted her eyes in a good
natured way and put her hands on her hips.”Fine-I’ll see you guys later!”She
called and then she and her prada bag sashayed out the door.

The End

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