Christian - Lost


Leighton wasn't telling me something. I always knew. She could never lie to me. She always seemed to falsely smile. Her eyes didn't shine and her face didn't light up as much if there was something worrying her. No-one else ever noticed but me. I had to investigate but she was very good at keeping her worries and secrets to herself. I had to go behind her back. 

That night, I decided to sneak around her coffin-room. She was out hunting. Maybe she would meet Rachel. Maybe thats what was worrying her. Something Rachel had told her. I liked her. Wait. The note. Rachel was wanted. Maybe there was something she hadn't told me. I had to find out.

Anyway, I was searching for... I don't know. Anything that would tell me what went on that night. I filed through her drawers, messing up the neat stacks of paper. I skimmed each of them. Old letters, random pieces of paper and magazines flew across the room. The ended up in a huge pile in the middle of the room. I heard the door slam. Leighton was back. I ran back to my room, hoping Leighton wouldn't suspect that I messed up her's. 

She stayed downstairs. I breathed a sigh of relief. Hoping Rachel hadn't been invited, I walked down the stairs and into the dining room. Rachel was there. I false grinned, hoping I was a better actor than Leighton.

I told them I felt sick and that I was going for a walk. It was almost morning. I'd be back by then. I left and walked through the woods in case I did lose track of time. I was daydreaming about what could be bothering Leighton. My mind was lost. I seemed to be wondering for hours. Suddenly someone (or something) knocked me out. I didn't even have chance to shout. Everything became dark.

I woke up in a small, grey, plain room. There was a small window and a hard bed which I was laying on. I sat up. A plain, grey door sat opposite me. I got up. I was a little dizzy but I managed to lean against the wall and walk towards the door. I tried it sleepily. It was locked. As I expected. I'd been kidnapped. Hold on. When the sun rose, I would burn in the light. I preyed that the light wouldn't fill the whole room. I peeked out the window. The sun was almost up. I didn't want to risk burning to death, not if Leighton or Rachel didn't know. I shrunk away. I couldn't have the bed; the light was directly shining on it. I sat in the corner, the darkest part of the small room. 

I heard the lock turning. The door swung open. I didn't see the person who came in as I was behind the door. Whoever it was, he hesitated, probably wondering where I was. They looked round and I met eyes with a tall man. He glared down at me. I noticed the uniform and realized where I was. It was a police man. I'd been taken to a prison. Great. Another thing to prevent me from protecting Rachel and Leighton. 

The guy handcuffed me and tugged me out into the corridor. I made no attempt to struggle.  I heard moans and groans from the other cells. I was tempted to take a bite out of the man's neck as he didn't really care if I got hurt. My wrists ached from the cuffs digging into them. He took me to this small room and pushed me into a chair. He left and a couple more people entered and sat opposite me. "I assume you know why you're here?" The older man thundered. I shook my head silently. "Don't play the fool with me. I've seen your type before," He said, not believing me. I had decided to stay silent. "Do you recognize this man?" The younger man said, holding up a picture. It took a while to register but I eventually realized. It was Alex. 

"You stole over £2,000,000 from this man. You must remember doing it," He demanded. I shook my head again. This time I wasn't lying. Something wasn't right. Why did they think I'd stolen from Alex? I still wouldn't say anything. The older man whispered something to the other. I didn't want to hear them. They seemed bored now. The got up and I was taken back to my cell. I was thirsty for blood. I needed to escape. Surely, at night the prison not be too well guarded. Perfect. That was my favourite time: midnight. The twilight hour. That was when I would make my move. I needed to find Leighton. To tell her I'd been framed and that Alex had made the police believe that I'd robbed him.

I had to think this out, carefully. Maybe I could break out through the window. I looked at it. No. It was sealed tight. I had to escape through the main entrance. Difficult. First I had to get keys. My 'escort' entered. He was silent, as ever. He took me to a larger cell. This time there wasn't a window. I spotted a small camera in the corner. I had to be even cleverer. A mouse scuttled past. I sighed, wishing I could control animals. This was going to be very difficult. I tried. The mouse stopped dead, like an electric current had been shot through it. I wanted to grin but I knew the camera was watching me. Hopefully, this mouse had a whole maze of tunnels through this prison.

Now I had to test if I really did have control of the creature. I thought about the mouse running round in circles: that was how I'd been taught to do it. Sure enough, the mouse began running in cirlces. Everything blurred. My vision cleared again. I knew I had control of the mouse now. I made it scuttle back through its hole and made it search for the keys to my door. I hoped it would be able to get them. What if the keys were up high on the table? I hoped this mouse could do my bidding or else I'd have to find some other way to get out.


The End

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