Leightion-The other side of the mask


The moon shone down on the dimly lit street allowing passersby to see where they going, their normal lives seemed so trivia and limited. I kept to the shadows the darkness clothed surrounded around my body and with my sapphire eyes I waited.

Then the scent came creeping over my body, leaving me tense and ready to put on a show, I turned slowly knowing that every time I looked into those dark eyes a part of me ached.

“Leighton been too long,” he was leaning against the brick wall his dark eyes gazing over my black Parker coat.

“Alexander do what do I owe this pressure?” I reply folding my arms across my chest.

Alexander smiled, “can’t an old friend drop you call to hang out?” My eyes gazed at, his blond curled hair tied at the nape of his neck; his black leather jacket fitted him snugly and tailored black trousers meeting black designer shoes. “Hmm apparently not.”

“Just cut to the chase Alex.” I snapped trying not to snarl under my breath.

“Temper temper Leighton, remember I can rip you and your brother to pieces without breaking a sweat.” Alex voice had turned deadly which was the way I wanted it, I hated when he was trying to be sweet and friendly. “You made a friend today.”


“Don’t play the dumb blonde with me Leighton; I saw you with her and your brother seems to like her.” He chucked darkly. “They want her.”

I gasped, “Her…why there’s nothing there about her.”

“Really I very much doubt that, what’s her last name?” I wanted to lie try and protect her but Alex would see right through me.


“Are you sure? It’s there right?” Alex grabbed my hand and locked eyes with me, making it impossible to look anywhere else and I could feel the power holding me still. “You’re slipping Leighton.” He let my hand go I let of a breath and steadied myself against the brick wall. “Bring her to me tomorrow.”

“She’s not like the others that we gave you, her scent different and there’s no obvious mark.” I stood up wanting to escape and go home to Christian. “Please let me find someone else for them to have, I need time and I’ll call soon as possible.”

Alex was thinking it over then a spark flickered in his eyes, “tell you what, I’ll give you some time with this girl see if she really has it and in the meantime you will do another job for me.”

“We’re already doing you a job.” I say thinking of the others that we had given over for them to kill.

“No this is a personal job I need you to do for me.”

“No chance.” I replied turning my back on Alex which was a mistake, he grabbed my arm and slammed me against the brick wall holding my chin up his face leering down.


I stepped out silver Porsche and my eyes found Christina waiting on the front door steps holding a piece of paper.

“Where did you go last night?” His face was mixture of emotions and didn’t know which one to show. “Look what I found pinned to our door.” He handed me the familiar piece of paper from the Vulgari clan.

“I’ve sorted it.”

“What? They want Rachel!”

“She’s safe.” I tried to side step away from him but he stopped me. “Trust me they won’t come after her.”

“How do you know though?”

“Because I do ok, please just trust me when I say she’s safe.” I held his hand willing him to believe what I was trying to say. After a while he nodded I brought me in for a hug. “We can’t tell Rachel.”

The End

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