You dont find many pale,sparkely skinned 15 year old girls...

Prologue:Rachel Terrace is a mysterious, shy 15 year old girl who traded in her busy, bustling and modern New York lifestyle to the quiet countryside in Chestertown, Maryland on the Sassafras River. Now, instead of nosy cars and a Smokey, polluted skyline, Rachel is now surrounded by lushes meadows filled with bluebells and lacy white flowers. At dawn, the velvety sky is filled with glowing stars and a milky way that stretches all across the horizon. Near her small, stone cottage, there is

-------------------------        chapter one
Dad just threw wood on the fire. Just hearing the crackle of the smoky, smothering logs makes me feel cozy and tranquil. Living in Chestertown has been good so far but Mom bought me a “journal” in case I had some “mixed feelings and need to express myself”-her words not mine! Anyway, things around our little cottage have been pretty quiet except for the sullen honk of geese at dusk. The pretty purple-pink sky is slowly turning black and is filling up with twinkling stars. Mom says were really lucky, hopefully nobody will draw conclusions, maybe nobody will find out. You know, I sometimes wonder if anyone is like me you don't usually find pale skinned, golden eyed, sparkly 15 year old girls. Not to mention one who doesn't eat except for wild animals, sleep or age...Yup, they can be pretty hard to come across! Luckily we have woods near the house so food scavenging won’t be hard; I even saw some fawn this morning wobbling around in the yard. I love how the wind rushes past me when I am running, it’s like I’m flying. I'm going a hundred miles per hour and even though it is messed up and wrong, it feels natural. I guess that what being a vampire all is about.

The other day, I was walking the woods behind the house. I had just caught my prey, a caliginous smelling bear cub. I tore through the fatty skin and the awfully sweet blood pours out. I’m prying it apart enjoying the bear's savory taste until I smell another one of us. Our scent, a mix of vanilla and autumn bonfires. It was near and as I looked up a hungry black pairs of eyes are glowering at me and challenging a fight.

He approaches and gets closer-now only 15ft away. He bears his teeth and releases a ragged growl as his lips turn up into a dirty scowl. His face is caked with dirt and he is coming closer and closer until a high pitched command echoes off the trees “Christian! Leave her alone! It’s her kill, not yours. “The buff, sparkly vampire who stands in front of me (“Christian”) slowly turns around. “You are not my guardian and I don’t understand why you even try”. The assumed “Leighton” was a put together blond in a floral frock wearing couture be-dazzled rhinestone Gucci boots-A complete opposite of the aggressive Christian who wore a frown, dark wash ripped jeans and no shirt.
“No, actually you will listen and let her eat; she didn't steal your food.”Christian's black eyes glowered at Leighton and he looked as if he were about to slap her. “Yes, Leighton. Fine-you’re correct, she hasn't stolen our food-yet. “At this point it seemed like Leighton had surrendered as she let out a defiant sigh as she walked over to me. She was probably only 15, like me.Leighton then placed one of her hand on her hip and ran the other one through her hair. “If you haven’t guessed already, I'm Leighton and this is my twin brother, Christian. Sorry about him, he can be a little…choleric. What’s your name?”
Leighton seemed nice enough although I was still weary of Christiane. “I’m Rachel, nice to meet you”. Leighton smiled and slowly averted her eyes downward towards my cub innocently. “Want some? “I inquired. She was next to me faster than you can say furious. Her eyes lit up as she took a chuck out of the bear’s calf although she was careful to not drip blood all over her haute outfit. I noticed Christian was leaning against a tree about 15 feet away with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. “Uhm, Christian? Do you…Uh..Want some? “I cautiously asked, trying my best to hide my nervousness. To my surprise, he looked up at me and cupped his face in his hands as he let out a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have acted like that. “He apologized. I was taking back by his sincerity and blushed furiously. Christiane smiled and walked over offering me his hand. “I’m Christiane “he introduced himself.
”Rachel” I countered back at him. To avoid making things awkward, Leighton finally popped up from her 5 minute feast of bear guts-Yummy. “Rachel, you’re welcome to come back to our house if you’d like”. Even though my opinions about Christiane were still cross-gartered and mixed, I decided to come along, what could happen? Just in case though, I whipped out my cellphone and checked with my mom first before we sprinted off through the woods until reaching a gorgeous mansion hidden among trees and shrubbery. “This is our home sweet home “Leighton cheerily announced, motioning towards the front door. “Make yourself at comfy Rachel!”
I entered the mansion and was taken aback by the extravagant decor. The kitchen was monstrous and had gorgeous granite countertops lining the walls. On the countertops was every cooking utensil ever made and the counters were so shiny, the glint almost was blinding. A lace tablecloth was draped over the glass table kitchen table and a marble, spiral staircase leads the way to the second floor.
Near the kitchen was the living room which had matching marble floors, and an at least 75ft flatscreen. Rabbit fur couches were symmetrically placed to make it so when you sat in front of the fireplace you’d be snuggly and warm.
Leighton lead me into the living room and we all crowed onto one of the plush couches, me in the middle. After talking for only about five minutes, Leighton hopped up and announced she needed to re-apply her apple-cinnamon lip gloss because right now she looked “awful”-Yeah right. Anyway, she left and as soon as she disappeared up the stairs, I found Christiane a lot closer than he was sitting before he left. I tapped my chin and raised my one eyebrow (a talent of mine Im very proud of) as I somewhat uncomfortably turned to him. ”Ah-ha sorry” He said smiling as his cheeks turned a rosy crimson color.
“No, its fine” I said approvingly. For whatever reason-the whole YOLO craze or something-I spontaneously patted the cushion next to me and motioned for him to scotch over, “You don’t need to apologize, come on over”. He chuckled and happily followed my request.
As we started to talk, I found out that Christiane was nice and that he had only yelled at me earlier because he’s extremely protective of Leighton. You see, when Christiane and Leighton were 13,a notorious vampire coven living in Venice, Italy had killed Christiane and Leighton’s parents in a fight because the notorious coven, called the Vengari, had been killing tons of innocent people that they didn’t like. The were unfair though and had an advantage. With 6 vampires , Christiane’s parents-Charlotte and Benjamin-didn’t stand a chance, they just weren’t strong enough. Unfortunately, they were slaughtered and Christiane and Leighton barely escaped and he has been protecting her ever since. “I feel like it’s my responsibility, I’m sorry I freaked out on you”.
Since he had explained everything, I knew Christiane was totally trustworthy and just trying to be a good brother. He was too sweet and hey-without the mud he was hot! After chatting for a while Leighton floated back down the steps looking like a movie star. “Going somewhere, fancy pants?” Christiane teased her. Leighton playfully squinted her eyes at him and put her hands on her hips,”Phht, at least I make an effort to look decent!”. I laughed and rolled my eyes, she couldn’t be any more wrong-Christiane was very attractive…well at least to me! After four more hours of movies, laughs and getting to know one other, I figured I should head home. “I’ll take you home ,Rach”Christiane offered.
“Oooh!Does Christiane have a crush on Rachel? “Leighton chanted as her eyes lit up. He just laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
”Maybe I do, maybe I don’t” Christiane replied, laughing. I smiled up and him and then pretended to not notice Leighton who was flapping her arms as if they were an angel’s wings and making kissy noises. “Really Leigh?” Christiane sighed. “C’mon Rachel, lets get away from this weirdo “he chuckled. Leighton rolled her eyes and motioned for us to shoo.”Fine.Go away lover boy!Rachel,you come back tomorrow!”.I promised I would and then walked back home with Christiane, enjoying his kind company and caring demeanor. When we eventually managed to find our way back to my cottage,Christiane took old of my hands.”So I will see you tomorrow?”he asked me.“You know it!”I replied.He laughed then his face grew more serious.”Have a good night,’kay?Sleep tight”He told me as he planted a tender kiss on my lips.”I’ll see you tommorw ,Rach”.I smiled up at him and he smiled back. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world”.
-------Chap 2
I woke up to the sound of songbirds singing sweet melodies and harmonys filled my head.I slowly drew myself out of bed and cleared my fuzzy head remembering my promise to meet up with Christiane and Rachel again-How could I of forgotten?I quickly showered and stethily averted my parents so the chatachizement and interrogation about where I was going and when I would be coming back wasn’t going to start.After double checking that my shimmery lip balm was shining and my lips looked…er…kissable for Christiane-just in case-.I ran out into the field through the wildflowers and feildgrass.More bird’s  refrains floated throught the air and sunlight warmed my back.In the distance,I could hear the streams subtle gurlgle and it seemed like a perfect day.When I finally arrived at Leighton and Christians house,I was surpized.Instead of them greeting me at the door,a note adorned the mahogany handel.Guessing it was for me,I unfolded the note and read the following:
                       Leighton and Christiane,
                       I saw how you buddied up with the new vampire around here-perfect.Im sure she will be an easy target since she’s smitten with you,Christiane.Bring her to me so we get ahold of her.Keep up the good work.
I started at the paper,my moulth growing dry because of how long it was hanging open.Slowly tears started to run down my face,how could they do this to me?I though I was in love with Christiane and I though Leighton was my friend.A real,genuine friend…guess I was wrong.

The End

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