Chapter ThreeMature

The loud screeching noise of my alarm woke me up at a ridiculous six fifteen a.m. I groaned as I got out of bed and began digging in my box of clothes. I told myself that I really needed to actually hang this up in my closet or put them in my dresser but it was just so much easier to leave them in the box and put them away when my mom did laundry.

                I ran through my morning routine fairly easily: clothes, hair, makeup, breakfast, teeth, backpack, door, bus top. It was a very hard one either though. I waited at the bus stop for around five minutes or so, listening to the middle school children talk in their high pitched voices and in their IQ dropping dialect about hand holding like they had just lost their virginity. Oh my frakkin’ god, your hands touched in math when he picked your pencil off of the ground for you. Whoop dee fucking doo. I couldn’t stand it any longer and started to untangle my iPod headphones. I believe 30 Seconds to Mars just saved me from punching an innocent twelve year old in the mouth.

                I didn’t even bother to turn my iPod off as I walked through the school to my locker or while I was setting up my locker shelf and putting my binders in. I was already tired of people and I honestly was a lot happier when I was listening to music than when I wasn’t. It calmed me down which is one reason why I don’t understand why we can’t listen to music during tests. I’m much calmer and more focused, plus I can remember things so much easier. It isn’t like I’m going to cheat anyway, and what’s going to happen, I’m going to memorize an answer to one question based off a line from one song, out of the thousands I know and the hundreds on my iPod. Yes, that is exactly what will happen, all the time.

                I put all of my binders and my locker and went to Algebra early. I was too lazy to find Cai, Echo, or Sabella, besides I’m sure they have their own friends and don’t need me around to stand awkwardly around them. It isn’t my style anyway.

                No one was in the Algebra room when I got there, not even Mr. Ward. I dropped my book and binder on the desk, if Mr. Ward had been there, I’m sure that I would have gotten yelled at for making too much noise. I pulled my phone out of my purse, checked the time (I had about twenty minutes before class started), and turned my phone off. It was supposed to be off and in our lockers, but I think off and in my purse will be sufficient. Even if it does turn on, it is set on vibrate only so I don’t think I will have any issues with it.

                I laid my head on my desk. I had nothing else to do but take a nap, only I was afraid to. I was worried that Mr. Ward would come in and drop a book on my head or that a kid would walk in and think it was funny to draw on my face. I sat back up and looked around for something to do. About this time, the door creaked open. I figured it was Mr. Ward, which would only make sense; I looked up anyway to see Josh staring at me with his head slightly tilted to one side. I gazed back, initiating a contest. He kept eye contact as he set his things on his desk, the reason he came into the room I assume. He eventually blinked and lost. I wanted to talk to him, like Kali had suggested, but I had absolutely no idea what to say.

                Fortunately, he asked me a question, “Do I know you from somewhere? You seem extremely familiar.”

                “Did you have Mrs. White as your fourth grade teacher?”

                “Yeah, but why would you have been in that class?”

                “You don’t pay attention in class, do you?”

                He shrugged, “Not really.”

                I sighed, “Friday was my first day of school here.”

                His eyes widened slightly, as though it was all coming back to him. “Aylin, Aylin Gallagher. I sat by you. We would always make terrible jokes about the teacher needing a candlestick.”

                I chuckled, “Because she was Mrs. White, from Clue.”

                “Good times.” He laughed along.

                It sort of slipped out before I could think about what I was saying. I confessed, “I always wondered what had happened to you. It was a terrible way for a first crush to end.”

                “Oh really, I was your first crush?”

                “Kind of, sort of.”

                He laughed quietly. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at him, an unspoken question. “What?” he asked.

Okay, so maybe it had to be a spoken question after all. “What’s so funny about that?”

He flipped his fringe out of his bright green eyes to look straight into mine. “The fact that you were mine.”

I rubbed my arm like I always did when I was uncomfortable. Some people bite their lip, some look at the ground, some tap pencils or tables, or some people rub their arms, like I do, but mine is always the right arm with my fingers tracing over my scar. I had to stop myself from laughing awkwardly.

“Hey Josh!” Someone stuck their head into the classroom. “Nere wants you!”

“Thanks.” Josh said, and the guy left. As soon as the door shut, Josh groaned. “I have been summoned.” He mumbled. “Anyway, we have to catch up soon. I will talk to you later.”

He left and almost immediately afterward, Cai came into the room. “I have been looking for you everywhere!”

“Obviously not everywhere.”

He smirked. “Okay smartass, everywhere until I got to here. This is a part of everywhere.”

“Anyway, what was so important that you were searching everywhere for me?”

That grin never left his lips. “I don’t know. I don’t remember. I was searching high and low for what seems like forever. All of that work has tired me and I can’t remember why I was looking for you.” He held a hand to his hand, palm facing me, for dramatic effect.

“Then I suppose I shall stay right here.”

“Who ever said I wanted you to go somewhere? I just said I was looking for you.”

I smiled. “Context clues that is who.”

He shook his head. “Those jerks! They ratted me out again! I can’t believe them. We had a deal from the last time they did this! I promised to give them my lunch money and in return they wouldn’t give away what I wanted people to do anymore!”

I clapped my hands. “Your ability to BS anything and everything astounds me.”

He rocked back and forth from his toes to his heels. “I’m quite good at thinking on my feet.” He grinned again.

“Look who is punny today!”

“Me!” he said with excitement.

Our conversation came to an abrupt end. Something possessed me to ask, “Who is Nere?”

“The school bitch whore.”

My jaw dropped. “Cai!”

“What?” he wondered, “I can’t help what she is! Once she figured out that her name means ‘mine,’ it was all over. If it has an ‘N’ in the middle of a heart on it, don’t touch it for it belongs to Nere. One of her favorite things to say is, ‘That is mine because it is Nere and dear to my heart.’ Then she will laugh her annoying high pitch laugh and her lackeys will as well to remain ‘Nere and dear.’”

I stared at him. “You made all of that up right now.”

“Have I mentioned she is as dumb, if not dumber, than a box of rocks? Honestly, I’m sure they would hire a monkey to do any job over Nere. Oh, my favorite Nere moment was in sixth grade when she told all of us that when she grew up she was going to work the corner. The teacher wasn’t pleased, to say the least, but Nere didn’t and still doesn’t see anything wrong with that. It is very amusing actually.”

I shook my head. I just couldn’t believe it. This girl must be one of the stupidest people on Earth. For her own sake, I hope she is drop dead gorgeous. At least then she might be able to make it through life without selling herself, even though that is what she wants. She could marry rich and then there wouldn’t be any problem. Otherwise, Cai is right and a lot of the jobs she applies for are going to be given away to monkeys who will easily work for bananas.

“Why did you want to know about Nere?”
                “I was talking to Josh right before you got here, and someone came in and told him that she was looking for him.”

“Oh, he has been her target for a very long time.”


“She has probably slept with every member of the football team at least twice, basketball once, most of the golf team, anyone popular. Never Josh though. You never hear a word about him doing anything with anyone, ever. She has been trying to fix that.”

“So is he just really good at hiding all of that or does he not have anything to hide?”

He was silent for a moment, as if he didn’t want to answer my question. He seemed almost pained when he began to, “Well… you see… the thing is th-“

The bell cut him off. I waited for him to continue but Mr. Ward came in and told him to sit in his seat, which was too far away from me to talk about this. He actually sat almost right in the very middle of the class. He was the same distance away from me as he was from Josh, just at different angles. I was surprised when a piece of folded up paper landed on the floor next to my desk. As casual as possible, I picked it off the ground. It read, “Meet me after class. I will walk you to your next. Josh.” I folded it back up before Mr. Ward could see it and make me read it aloud, or whatever Mr. Ward’s punishment for notes was.

Josh waited at the door after class, I tried to hurry, but someone grabbed him on their way out. Josh turned back to look at me and held up the number three using his hands. I interpreted that to me that we will try again third hour, but the same thing happened that hour too. He was just too popular for me to get a chance to speak with him.

I even tried to find Josh after school, and all I could find was a mob of people standing by an older car. I figured it was Josh’s but was too lazy to go and ask, and I had a dumb bus to catch to make it home. At least this time I brought my iPod to try to block them out. I like still like hear them like talk like this over like my like music. It tested my patience; I was about to hurt some children and I don’t usually find myself to be an aggressive person but it was too much, even for me.

I couldn’t wait to tell Kali I talked to him though, she will be so proud of me. Usually she has to force people to talk to more, or more often, had to force me to talk to other people. I’m pretty much a closed book with a long waiting list for you to be able to check me out. You have to be around for a long time and show a bit of interest and that you care before I will talk to you about anything important. It was definitely doing to be a fun story to tell her, if she decided to pay attention for once in her lifetime. If she doesn’t I’m going to find some kind of something that can harm you through the computer…. I smell computer virus.

I texted her to Skype me and she had a mini freak out via text. She knows that if I don’t specify why, then it is usually important. She didn’t even start out with “Hello,” instead she jumped right into, “What happened?”

“Josh remembers me.”

She had a mini spaz attack, when she recovered she said, “Okay, I’m good now. So that means you talked to him, right?”

“Only briefly before Algebra started but then he said we needed to catch up.”

“Did he give you anyway to contact him?”
                “No. He passed me a note in Algebra that he was going to walk me to my next class but he got grabbed by one of his buddies. I guess I will just have to see what happens tomorrow.”

“You better tell me, right away. I don’t care if he is still standing right there.”

“Well, I do, so you shall find out as soon as I feel like telling you.”

I had the urge to check my Facebook after the contacting comment. Turns out, I had a friend request, from Josh. I was wondering why I had never seen this when I would search for him, but once I was brought to his page; I understood why. I was his only friend as of the moment.


“What? What happened?”

“He just got a Facebook!”

“Aw! He did it for you.” She teased.

I stuck my tongue out at her. “I highly doubt that.”

“Why don’t you message him and ask?” At that moment the chat noise went off, making Kali think she was some kind of psychic. “See, he even wants to talk to you.”

Amazingly it was from Josh. “Kali, chill. He just said his parents finally caved and let him get a Facebook.”

“Send me a link to his page. It is time to see if I approve.”

I rolled my eyes but did so anyway. “Because all that matters is that Kali approves.”

“That is right. If I don’t approve, you don’t get to date.”

“What if I didn’t approve of Jaron?”

“That is a different story.”

I laughed. “That is what I thought.”

I could hear someone yell at Kali. “I have to go. I will talk to you later.” She signed out without waiting for me to say goodbye.

I talked to Josh for a bit about bands and artists, turns out we like the same genre of music. He had to leave and I talked to Cai for a while about the same exact thing. The three of us all liked the same type of music. It was kind of creepy. At least we all had different favorite bands: mine was Ludo, Josh’s was Breaking Benjamin, and Cai’s was 30 Seconds to Mars. I have to admit that I didn’t listen much to Breaking Benjamin but what I had heard of theirs was good.

Then it was time for the usual dinner and the almost scripted conversation that went with it. Mom would ask how my day was. I would say it was good. Dad would ask how school was. I would say okay. Mom would ask if I had any club meetings tomorrow. Usually, I would respond no or yes, but tonight I reminded her that I just moved here and wasn’t in any clubs at the moment. Dad would ask how I did on a test or if there were any tests this week. I would respond accordingly. Mom would ask if I had any plans this coming weekend. I would respond I don’t know. By then dinner was over, and I had to clean up the table and wash the dishes while my parents went into living room to watch whatever show that played on Monday’s that they liked and just had to watch.

When I went to bed that night, I had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a great day. Oh how much more wrong could I have been?

The End

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