skater boy

i was wearing a white feather vest over a sharp pink crop top, and no doubt, matching ankle boots.

'mom! i'm going to the mall!' i shouted and ignored whatever else she replied.

i stepped out to our porch with a coffee cup in my hand and my purse in the other, great day for shopping i see?

i walked on the pavement and looked at the sky. yay! it is sunny! boo, i'll get freckles. i quickly propped on my sunglasses, only the latest fashion trend.

some kids were playing catch in the hills. boy i wish i could play it too...NO.nonononono Macey Jordon you are not playing catch with a few kids. You're 17 for god's sake! But before...


i felt myself being knocked down to the ground and rolling down a hill. the view did a few summersaults and finally i landed on a flat land,  it wasn't that bad..

'yes, it was that bad' i jumped when i heard a masculine voice moaned beneath me. oh did i said that aloud?

'yes you said that aloud.' oops.

i looked down and saw a boy maybe 19 or so? his hair is the prettiest shade of bronze which is stuck to his temple with a bit of sweat. his chocolate brown eyes staring up at me with humour. i quickly scrambled off him and looked down at my now stained feather vest.

'oh poop! look what you've done skater boy!' i pouted at him. 

he groaned as he sat up. 

' now i don't care about you, but all i know is you need to pay for this.' i said waving my hand in front of my stained vest.

'okay, fine, how do i pay?' he said as he picked up his skateboard that crashed me.

i smirked.


'i can't believe i'm doing this' skater boy said.

skater boy was carrying the clothes i bought at the mall in one hand and carrying his skateboard in the other.

'what's your name again skater boy?' i asked as i looked through the racks.

'for the hundredth and eighth time i'm not called skater boy!' he said in a obviously annoyed tune.

'well, you can't blame me that you have such a weird name, cassie? cathy?' i picked out a light purple crop top. Not bad.

'it's castel. but you could call me cast.' he groaned for what like the fifth time in our shopping trip....though its me picking the clothes and he paying it...oh well.

'so play the skateboard?' i asked him while looking at some cute pink skinny jeans.

'yeah, not that you would understand any of it' he said rolling his eyes, but obviously a spark of interest lit in his chocolate eyes.

'oh yeah? do you know the Fakie Beta Flip?' i eyed him with a smirk.

his eyes widen and inspected me from head to toe, don't think a girl like me would know anything about skate board eh?

'maybe you just spotted that name from some magazines of yours' he said.

'come one,' i put down my clothes in the counter and told the lady to help me keep it for a second. 'lemme show you.'

when we're out in the pavement, i held out my hands, 'skateboard.' 

i road down a bit and first did a Frontside Noseslide on the stone bench and did another kick flip in midair. i looked back at cast and saw his eyes wide open, oh you thought that was good? i then did a Fakie Beta Flip and landed perfectly and eyed him again. sure enough, he was jaw dropped.

i stopped next to him and smirked. 'don't ever,' i whispered next to his ears, 'underestimate me.'

The End

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