you can't run away

desmonte destroys every single thing you have. the only thing to do is stand strong, do not fear it, cause you can't run away.

'Mace! Your turn to do the dishes! ' 

Ugh...they'll ruin my perfectly manicured nails...oh just look at them, white polkadots with a sharp pink bottom coat, beautiful. Am i a natural at this nail painting thing or what?

'Coming!' i shouted. Not. I am so not abusing my pretty nails.

'Mike go wash the dishes' i kicked him beneath the table, without taking my eyes off my beautiful nails.

So, as you all can guess, i am the fabulous Macey Jordon, rich, famous, and pretty. what's not perfect about me? My dad's the vice president of Alabama, we own a mansion, we're rich, and to top that off, i'm fabulous! 

'slut.' Mike groaned as he stood up to wash the dishes.

'a-hem, what did you just say?' i said in the sweetest voice i could manage.

He turned over and said a quick sorry and hurried to the kitchen.

good, cuz nobody, and i mean NO ONE, talks to Macey Jordons in that manner. Not even this brainless 9 year old.

I scooped up my phone and skipped into my room.

hey Als, up for a chat?  I texted ma BFF.

yeah sure, what up? 

well, i was wondering if you wanna come over and have a sleepover tonight ;)

yeah sure why not? be there at 10.

kay MUAH

since there's still like an hour or something, might as well get ready for the sleepover.

i stuffed a few bars of chocolates between the mattress and the sides, a few cans of cokes ready for staying up all night, and loads of chips stored in my closet.

i know, i know, why would i, macey jordon, do all this stuff, well, i feel like i don't always have to be that perfect girl with allyson. she's just that amazing. of course she's a nobody in school, and i am the star girl, but she somehow gets me like nobody could. i mean, i got those high cheekbones, rich dark red hair, and big hazel eyes, and she's a brunette with a plain face. she don't do any makeup, i spend an hour before school applying layers and layers. she wears jeans and a band t-shirt, i wear a tight dress which barely reaches my mid thigh and some matching wedges. we are completely different, yet we get along. 

i turned on the big screen TV in my room and the news immediately popped up. 

The desmonte has now affected over 200 citizens in colombia and is spreading across brazil and peru. The doctors have proven that the disease desmonte started from the fishes people in colombia eats and now is spreading in a really quick rate. Scientist have said that the desmonte will soon be spread wide across earth because of the fishes, and------

-----and currently no cures are found. Do they have to replay that news 50 times a day? yes, i know, i know, it may come to america soon, but what can we do about it?

i turned off the Tv and picked up my phone to text allyson.

ding-dong! ooh!! she's here!

i opened the door to see a brunette with big grey eyes, with freckles dotted across her cheeks.


'eeeppppp!' we both screamed and hug each other at the same time.

'alright ready for some girl makeover time?' i asked wiggling my eyebrows.


there was a brief silence and we bursted into a fit of giggles. seriously, we know everything about each other. And the first thing in al's not-to-do list is to have a makeover. oh well. her loss.

so in the sleepover, obviously we didn't sleep and hung around all night gossiping. 

'So, are you afraid of the desmonte ?' allyson asked me, snuggling deeper into her blanket.

seriously is that all people talk about right now?

'well, i know it is coming, but what can we do to stop it? you can't run away from it..'

'macey?' allyson looked me square in the eyes.

'yeah?' i said without taking my eyes off my phone.

'be careful.'

The End

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