You can't possibly

Tales of familiars go back to witchin' times; Eddie's 'familiar' is from a cloned line of genetically engineered smart cats that are able to communicate telepathically with their owners due to implants in both the cat's brain, and the owner.....

find Waldo," Suzi exclaimed.

"Uh huh".

"Uh, no, genius."

"I'll bet you 50 bucks I can find Waldo with one hand tied behind my back," Eddie said.

"Your hand is not the problem in question."

Suzi was right. His hands were fine; the real problem was that he had been blind since birth. Even if someone were to instantly fix his vision problem, he really didn't have a good idea what was Waldo and what was Abe Lincoln (although they did both wear somewhat similar hats).

"Is this the 'Master' edition you're looking at, or maybe 'Waldo Goes to Vegas'?" Eddie asked.

Suzi sighed. "What difference will that make?"

"It matters."

"Ok, it's 'The Great Waldo Search.'"

"Fine. I need you to turn around."

Suzi giggled. "Like you can tell."

"I can tell."

Suzi turned around.

You can't be serious.

Oh come on Tersh, I like her.

Fine. But there better be fish kabobs for dinner.

Eddie's cat Tersh (short for Tertiary, but cats aren't good with names anyway) padded over to the open book and tried to find Waldo on the pages for Eddie.

Waldo the prey isn't moving, Eddie, and he's pretty tiny.  I'm not sure my feline eyes will spot him.

Try harder.

"What are you doing over there?" asked Suzi.

"I'm looking for Waldo."

"Waldo's not in braille, buddy. How much longer do I have to face the wall?"

I think I see him. Ok, where my left paw is, to your right.

Tersh hopped away from the book and sat to the side of the coffee table where the book was perched. Eddie's finger was nearly on top of  Waldo's hat.

"Ok I found him."

Suzi turned around. "Even Daredevil wouldn't be able to find Waldo." She strode around the couch and sat down on the ottoman to peek down at Eddie's hand.

"Holy freaking crap! Can you see??" Suzi leapt up and started waving her hands in front of Eddie's face. Her red and purple hair jumped around. Eddie smirked but showed no sign that he could see.

"I still can't see jack."

"How did you do that? Is Waldo aroused or something, so you could feel him where he was hiding? Give me that."

Suzie grabbed the book from Eddie and commenced trying to find a raised bump in the page where Waldo was.

"I can't feel anything. You know something, don't you?" Suzie pushed.

Yes, he knows he has to make me a fabulous dinner.

"Yes, I have a sixth sense specifically designed to target Waldo. I didn't want to tell you when we first met in case you thought I was crackers. But as you can see, it works."

"Well why did you make me turn around then?"

"I didn't want you to see me feeling Waldo up."

The End

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