Poetic Words and Slow VampiresMature

"Kora?! What are you doing?!" Near said as he thrashed around. He never liked being pinned. It reminded him of the fact that he was albino. In his mind, that was the worst thing to be. Weak, able to sunburn easily, slow, and totally useless. Near began to tear up as he thought about it. Kora looked at him questioningly, "I didn't hurt you, so why are you crying?" Near turned his face. Great now he was crying, blushing, and on top of it all, he couldn't hide it. Which of course is all he wanted to do right now. Kora let go of Near's wrists, then moved one hand down to wipe the tears away. Near flinched, and blushed deeper. He tried to protest but Kora was ignoring him. Kora did not do well when tears were involved. "Now," Kora started, having got off of Near, "You are going to tell me two things: why did you start crying, and why have you been acting so strangly lately." Near blushed lightly, he knew Kora, he would never stop until he told him, so may as well give in. Near sat up off the ground and shook his head, causing all the grass to fall out of his pure white hair. After that, he turned to Kora who sat there with an expectant look. Near flinched again, then sighed. He inhaled deeply,"Well I just remembered that I think all albinos are useless wimps. Then theres the fact that I'm totally in love with a certain someone and I'm debating if I should tell him." As soon as it was out, Near hid his face instantly. He had never dropped a sublte hint before. Kora furrowed his eyebrows, "Who is it that you love?" he asked. "I mean, to get such a feeling from you. Your'e always the one that's monotone, and cold. How could someone have touched you in such a way to make you change the way you act?" Near blushed as tears filled his eyes. Not of sadness but of....being touched? Near had always appreciated the poetic side of speaking. However his friend Mello thought it was idiotic and had told Near so a long time ago. Now to see Kora use it, seemingly unaware that he was. It was heart warming. Near glanced at Kora for a while. He glanced at his frame: strong, gallant, striking. Simply beautiful, in a masculine way. Near observed how Kora positioned himself, he always looked relaxed. Laying down, his hands behind his head, one leg proped up while the other was left straight against the ground. Near couldn't shake the words Mel had told him, 'You know it won't last right? He's a blood sucker! I never thought your emotions would ruin you like this!" He felt a slight pain in his chest. Had Mel only been trying to hurt him again or was he right about Kora? Could Kora love him as Near loved Kora? Would Kora end up just taking what he wanted then leaving? He couldn't tell. Why was Kora always so unreadable? One moment he's annoying the hell outta you, the next he's making you fall in love with him all over again. Near finally looked at Kora's face. The ultimate identification. You almost always remember a persons face over thier other features. Near looked at Kora's eyes. Black, the color of night. actually the prefix "Kor" means "Black" so Near found it befitting. He looked at his almost white skin. Near snuck a glance at his own arm, so close to the same... Near finally looked at Kora's mouth: fanged and always wearing a smile of some sort. Near loved Kora's smile. Near himself smiled at the thought. Whether it was mocking, amused, or genuine, Kora's smiles was one thing that Near fould special. They were one thing you couldn't reproduce by practicing. They were his. Much like his sense of humor and eyes. They were all Kora's and you couldn't ever change that. Near smiled, now he would be able to tell Kora everything. How he felt, who he loved, and why. All this he was going to tell him just when the sun rose, Beautiful oranges and  yellows filled and painted the sky. Near turned to glance at it, squinting his eyes. "Well? Are you ever gonna tell me?" Kora said slightly impatiently. Kora hated waiting, much like a small child. Now that was one of his undesireable traits but Near loved it all the same. Near turned and smiled. Kora blinked and stared at him for a moment. Near had turned just the right way so the sun caught his hair and face. Near now seemed illuminous, almost divine. Had Kora not known Near personally he would have wondered if he was an angel. It caused Kora to, suprisingly enough, get some color on his cheeks. However it was masked by the suns rays already distorting the color of his face. That he was thankful for. "You truly want to know who is closest to me in all the world? The one I wouldgive anything to save? The one that I pray will love me as I love him?" Near asked with a tilt of the head, making his loose shirt fall of one shoulder and making him all the cuter. Kora raised an eyebrow, "If I didn't I wouldn't have asked." Near beamed brightly, this pleased him. Near reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a small compact mirror. He opened it to reveal the two mirrors on each half and gave it to Kora. Kora looked confused and looked in the mirror. With the way he was holding it he saw some trees behind him. So he turned to look and heard an exasperated sigh. He turned and saw Near rubbing his temples, as if he was dealing with a small child. Kora looked even more confused. That's when Near grabbed the mirror and sat beside Kora then held it so that each of them had a mirror reflection. Near turned so his reflection was facing Kora's. Near hoped he would get the message...he did. Kora's eyes widened and he looked at Near. Near beamed and nodded. Kora blinked, processing what had just been served to him on a compact mirror. "You...love...me??" was all that Kora was able to manage. Near laughed, "Every irritating inch of you." Kora blinked again, "Oh....Hey! Wait a second!" he turned to see Near stick his tounge out. "Yes I said 'irritating'." Kora rolled his eyes then grinned. Near glanced at him, "Whats that look for?" he said warilly. Kora's grin widened as he leant in to whisper in Near's ear, "So tell me, how long have you been madly in love with me?" Near blushed and glared at Kora, "Shut up and kiss me, baka..." Kora grinned the widest he could. He complied, causing Near to gasp slightly. After that Near surrendered to the vampire, letting him have all of himself. Near had waited for years before he could spill the beans and now he was being rewarded. Near just knew this: He loved Kora. No matter what.

The End

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