Spilling Secrets?Mature

After having been royaly pissed off from the most annoying undead being in the world, Near decided it would be best to get some fresh air. Unfortunately Kora was in persuit. Near, with a blanket around his shoulders to shelter from the harsh night air, went to his favorite tree on the Wammy's House property. He lent againt it sliding down till he was sitting. "This must be why L dosen't sleep," Near said, then sighed. Kora looked at him before sitting close to him. Near shivered as a gust of cold wind blew past them both. Kora without looking, wrapped an arm around Near's shoulders. "W-Why did you do that?" Near asked nervously, blushing furiously. Kora smiled," You need something extra to keep the wind away, or would you like to just be cold?" Near blushed and closed his eyes. Kora merely smiles and pulles him closer. Near nuzzles into his shoulder, feeling nothing less than at peace. Eventually having fallen asleep, he slumped against Kora, seeming to trust him enough to keep his dreams safe. "He's so cute, Kora said with a chuckle.

~~~~~Just Before Sunrise ~~~~~

Near's eyes slowly opened. He felt something move undernieth him. Looking up he saw a pair of black stilled eyes and a fanged grin looking down at him. Near sat atraight up, blushing furiously and wondering what the heck happened. Kora laughed, "Near you are simply hilarious." Near glared at him, he really hated that guy. Near's eyes softened. No he didn't, he never would. Near knew it. Kora raised an eyebrow, "I can only imagine what your thinking right now..." That did it. Near stood up, "Kora! You lech! Will you ever be serious?! Geez!" Kora blinked, now what could he have done to get that reaction? He grinned, getting the answer out of Near would be intresting. Near knew what that look meant. He had gotten it from Lea many times before. Near turned, "Stop hanging around me Kora" then said in a soft whisper, "Your bad for my health." Kora, again, raised an eyebrow, "Is that so?" Near was about to walk away when he felt himself fall to the ground with a heavy weight over his hips and a kind of restraint on his wrists.

Status Update:

Near: Being pinned by Kora with no chance of escaping with out mercy

Kora: Having alot of fun by pinning Near in order to get answers

Will Near get out with the secret still in tact?


The End

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