The Nightmare of Near or Nate?pt2Mature

Near: [GASP, sits straight up in bed, breathing heavily] What a horrible dream...

?: Really now? Is that so?

Near: Huh? [turns to see Kora]

[Kora has black hair, black eyes, white skin, and looks like a 19 year old punk]

Near: [blush furiously] Kora...

Kora: [grin] I take it your happy to see me then?

Near: [blink, still blushing, snub] Don't flatter yourself!

Kora: [laugh] I see then...

Near: [blink, slightly apprehensive look] Wait a second! [turn] Why are you here anyway?! Here to mess with me while I'm asleep, I'm sure. [snub] Pervert!

Kora: [blink, laughs again] Now isn't that a thought.....

Near: [annoyed look] Baka!

Kora: [smile, walks over to the bed, tilts Near's face upward, making him face him] Are you disappointed? Want the playing field to change?

Near: [eyes widen, blushes deeply, eyes avert away] What is it with you and games?

Kora: [raised eyebrow] Says the boy who plays with toys all the time...

Near: [apprehensive look again] That's different! I don't make them into life...or visa versa! [raised eyebrow]

Kora: [laugh] True, but have you ever lost?

Near: [blink] Sure lots of times. Why?

Kora: [smile widens, lashes lower] You don't loose when your in charge of the game...

Near: [eyes widen, turns head away] I see...

Kora: [grin] Getting shy, are we?

Near: [snub] I am not shy!

Kora: [laugh] Sure whatever you say...

Near: [raised eyebrow] What are you implying?

Kora: [grin] Nothing, nothing.

Near: [glare]

The End

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