The Nightmare of Near or Nate?pt1Mature

Fire.  Smoke.  Its hard to breath.  I am choking.  Where is mom?  Dad?   Am I alone?  I start to cry wondering if I am going to die.  * crashing sound *  I stop for a moment to listen.  Other than the crackling of flames.  There are voices.  Is it Mom, Dad?   No.  I can't tell who it is.  I try to get out of my room.  I only get to the door.  I can't open it.  The doorhandle is hot. *another crashing sound*  My door is busted open by a falling beamer.  Is it an answer to my silent prayer?  No.  It is luck.  I get out of my room.   All I see is flame.  I hear a sound.  What is it?  Laughter?  Yes.  It is laughter.  Who is laughing?  He is laughing.  I must get away from Him.  All of a sudden a boy, no older than 11, comes and grabs me, taking me to somewhere I do not know.  I cry out begging him to find my parents. He tells me there is a posibility they got out. I start to ball like the 3 year old I am, happy they got out safe.  If only I knew then what I know now.  The laughter has stopped for a moment.   Someone is calling me.  I try to call out an answer but, my throat is dry.  I can't yell.  Another silent prayer goes up to the heavens along with the smoke.  I am blacking out.  The last thing that I can remember is the laughter.  The minacle laughter if Him.  The man who killed my parents.  Comming.  Coming slowly.  Coming to kill me as well.  I will always remember the look of his evil face as he is waiting,  watching, for the perfect moment to stain my white clothes and hair in cold blood . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                    ( end of pt 1 )

The End

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