what hapens in the rubics cube stays thereMature

Near - [shuts door] [keeps walking]

Near - "..."

L - "Near?  Are you OK?"

Near - [look up] "Yes I'm fine"

L - "Are you sure? You look pale."

Near - " I'm always pale."

[Near is albino so its hard for him not to be]

L - " You knew what i ment.  Well since it seems you don't want to talk to me..."

Near - "Wait ... there is something but im not sure what to do."

L - "Well, usually if you dont know what to do you ask someone for advice."

Near - "Do you mind if I ask you?"

L - [ looks suprised]" Me? Well OK. Shoot"

Near - "Well i think i have a crush on someone.  How do you tell them you . . . say . . LOVE them??"

L - "Depends who you like."

Near - "Its a certian vampire"

L - "Oh Lea?  Just kiss her..."

Near - " (um) OK."

Near - [walks away]

L - {after Near is gone} "He has sold his soul..."

[Near is in love with Kora - A male Vampire, and Lea - a female Vampire. Thats how L got it all wrong.]

The End

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