You can't love himMature

Near loves a vampire named Kora( is a GUY). His friend Mello tries to talk him out of it. (yaoi story - BoyXBoy)

Mello - "No way man!"

Near -  "Its not like I planned it this way!"

Mello - "I can understand that, look all im saying is he is a HE.  Not to mention he is a blood sucker! "

Near - "Look, Mel.  Im as puzzled as you are, but you know that I can't deny the fact that i do indeed LOVE him."

Mello - "Whatever dude, but i sincerely hope you don't expect it to last long. You do know that eventually he will get bored, right?"

Near - "Indeed, I know it."

Mello - "And your OK with that?"

Near - " Yes."

Mello - "WHAT?!?"

Near - "Even before I met Kora, i had come to realize that nothing lasts froever.  So I'm OK with  him leaving, because i know it wouldnt last."

Mello - " Dude!  Seriusly stop being OK with this!"

Near - "Why does it bother you so much?"

Mello - "Because its wrong! Even putting aside the fact that he is a HE, How could you be OK with letting your emotions get the better of you?  The Near i knew would never let himself get into such a position."

Near - [gets up and heads to the door] "Mabye I've changed. So what?(!)"

Mello - [ sits in utter defeat] "(whispers) Idiot!"

The End

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