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a chat room, another life. What will this place lead to?!

PixelChick01: What did you guys do today?

LaceyyX: School, job, boyfriend ect. :)

I looked at the screen, wondering why these people were so cool, smiling to myself I quickly typed my reply.

KittenFeind: School and job.

LaceyyX: What's your job?

KittenFeind: I'm a. . .

I paused after I sent the first part of my message. It was bad to lie, right? I didn't even have a job. I want to sound cool and exciting to these people! I'd have to go and lie. Yeah, they wont mind. They'll understand. My fingers clicked the keys rapidly.

KittenFeind: DON'T tell anyone but I work for a modeling company.

PixelChick01: omg! Wow! Who do you model for?

I thought about this quickly, worried. I can't lie about this. They'll surely find out about my lie if I do this.

I sighed as I logged out of the chatroom, reclicking inthe name box, changing my login ID to "TickTock" .

'You'll understand, I'll just change myself for you. See, were still friends!' I whispered, smiling gently as I pressed the enter key.

TickTock has entered the Site

LaceyyX: Hi there!

TickTock: Hey.

PixelChick01: Great to meet new people!

New. . .huh? I guess I'll just start afresh, I mean , it's not unusual for me to change my name every through weeks, is it? I'm not lying to them. I'm just calling myself something different.

TickTock: I hope we can be friends!

LaceyyX: Ditto.

PixelChick01: Same, so, how old are you?

I paused. What should my age be? Telling them I'm fourteen will not go down well, 'cause ther, like, 17. To me, being the perfect age is a struggle.

TickTock: I'm 16

LaceyyX: Kwl! I'm 18

PixelChick01: I'm 17 lol. Inbertween!!

TickTock: rofl.

LaceyyX: I gtg my bf wants mt up ;) Soz.

PixelChick01: Actually, I need 2 go aswell.

TickTock: cya later.

PixelChick01: Bye

LaceyyX: Later!!

PixelChick01 has left the Site

LaceyyX has left the Site.

I sat in my chair for a few minutes, wracked with boredom. I span around on it before the little beeping noise reached my ears and I snapped to attention.

Personal Message:  ThornBoy: Heyy!

I stared at it for a second before replying.

Little did I know what would happen with that simple message back to him.  ..

The End

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