You are not going to get Mail

When a person realises that most of life is over , slipping by and Love aint coming calling

Finished watching "You've got mail" there is only so much one can do while growing up, so the balance I am trying to do , time permitting of course. I watched the movie in two parts, can you believe it, worse can I believe it. Yes I just did yesterday night. After work and home there is only so much time left, to watch a movie like a serial. ever since I finished the movie I am haunted or am I in limbo, or is it my imagination working overtime, or has someone cast a spell on me. I am sinking thinking that this is it for me, this is where it all comes to a halt. Looks like its time to call quits, no not about ending life physically, but as in "seriously I am  going to go without love" I cant believe it, this is not how it was supposed to be. I am not that old, yet to reach forties, but more than my age its about the lifestage.

The End

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