A Crack of Light

Jeff was rather certain he was awake. He was also rather certain that his eyes were open. And yet, none of this seemed to make any difference. It was darker than his deepest sleep.

Something about the closeness of the air caused him to punch the air above him. Something about the pain in his fist caused him to be reassured of his first suspicion. The ceiling was only a foot above his head. And he was lying down.

Now what? His brain was asking this question in a calm manner, but the only real tempting answer to the question would be to panic. He settled for groaning, while carefully distracting himself with the pain that now throbbed in his fist.

After a moment, he yawned. It was strange that this rather pressing situation caused him to feel sleepy. Oh no! I'm stuck lying down! Let's sleep.

He had to admit, it was a rather logical response. Perhaps he was supposed to feel claustrophic. He stretched his arms out to either side but did not feel any obstructions. And so he decided to wiggle from his place of rest to a new place of rest. This turned out to be, ironically, rather tiring.

But he soon found a change in the smooth floor. Now it was absurdly dusty. Apparantly he was making new ground. Deciding that he'd rather not dust the floor with his stomach, while vacuuming it with his face, he turned around to wiggle elsewhere.

And he soon found another irregularity in his two dimensional world. There was a strip of tape across the floor. Feeling it with care, he found the faint groove where a pen had written something. He tried to discover the message with his fingertips, but it was too faint and obscure. So, feeling rather curious, he decided to rip the tape from the floor in order to save it for a later and sunnier day.

However, he soon discovered that the tape extended across the floor. He continued to pull it up as he wiggled after its distant end. And this was when he discovered a crack in the floor. It too proceeded into the dark. In fact, the tape and the crack were quite complimentary.

He put his fingers in the crack, and lifted at the edges. To his sudden surprise, he discovered a burst of super human strength, or rather, a fatal weakness in the floor, and the crack split the room in half. Light spat into his face and shot down his entire body as the floor parted and the crack exploded with brilliance.

The floor sagged, the two pieces split, and Jeff found himself falling into a brilliantly white room. He landed on a cluttered desk, knick-knacks went clattering in all directions, bobble heads bounced into oblivion, and a computer screen fell into the garbage bin just as Jeff bounced and landed on somebody's lunch.

He groaned and tried to sit up, but his eyes were still watching the fireworks that came with the sudden light. Finally he managed to focus on a short, weasly man with glasses and a baby blue lab coat.

The man squinted, and kneeled down beside Jeff. "I knew I shoulda used more than tape," the man whined. "He was supposed to use the puzzle door. Instead, he split the chamber in half. Now I have to fix it."

The man was rather pathetic. But Jeff had a come-back. "Yo!" he said. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Oh dear," the man said, scrunging his glasses into his red face. "He wants to engage in conversation. I should fetch Dr. Clip."

"Right..." Jeff got to his feet, picking bits of noodle out of his hair while surveying the mess of his crash landing. "Grab me a coffee while you're at it. I've been out for too long."

The man turned and skittered across the room, leaving Jeff alone. As soon as the man had left, Jeff ransacked the desk for clues. He was not about to be confronted by a doctor without knowing his supposed illness.

Jeff opened the top drawer first, but he only found a complete set of pencil crayons that looked to be sharpened by a set of teeth. The right hand drawer had a tub of rubber snakes, a few eyeballs, and a pair of prank glasses. Jeff didn't even bother looking in the drawer with the rubber chicken head protruding from it, and he was halfway to the cabinet across the room when he remembered something.

There was a computer on the desk. He hastily fished the monitor out of the trash can and turned it on, waiting while the screen slowly illuminated. He heard footsteps in the hall, but the screen held too much information to be abandoned.

If he was not mistaken, he was looking at a map. It was a maze. He could see where it was labeled 'End'. He could trace the route to the 'End'. But what got his attention was the 'Start'.

There was a large picture of his face on the 'Start' position. Jeff was taken aback. But just before he switched the monitor off and spun around to meet the opening door, three words popped up in red bubble letters. The screen faded to black, and Jeff's eyes met those of Dr. Clip an instant later. But the words in red had already settled deep into Jeff's mind.

You Are Here.

The End

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