You Are Free To Move About The Cabin

We are indoctrinated into a system that we didn't choose to be a part of, yet we were born into servitude based on the system that has evolved over time.

If you have listened to the radio, watched the television or read the paper lately, then you know that there is something inherently wrong with our society today.   It is appalling that human beings can inflict such evil acts upon their fellow man.  Where have we gone wrong as a species to have evolved to the point  we are at today?  We can look at what man believes to be his greatest achievements, but at what cost to human lives or the destruction of the very land we live upon?  I believe there is a simple answer with a very complex solution and over the course of the following pages I would like to invite you along on a lighthearted  journey to delve into the evolution of the human psyche from one individuals perspective. 

From the earliest age we are told what to think and how to act so that we fit in with the rest of society.  I for one always question everything and if the answer doesn't seem plausible to me then I research the issue until I am satisfied that I have gathered all of the information to make an educated decision and if that decision goes against mainstream then so be it.  We can look back at history and find that the masses living on the planet believed that the Earth was flat.  This was "common" knowledge and everyone believed this to be true just as the sky is blue and the grass is green.  There were those that didn't accept everything they were taught at face value and because of this we know today that the Earth is indeed, not  flat.

So much time has passed that we barely know how it all got started to begin with.  I enjoy watching educational programming that give the viewer a look into the societal remains of forgotten civilizations.  It's interesting to hear their theories on the culture based off of the artifacts and in some cases writings or cave paintings that describe a time long since gone.  Interpretation is the key.  I just can't fathom that from the very existence of the human race that a structure similar to the ones we have in place today were used eons ago.  We are indoctrinated into a system that we didn't choose to be a part of, yet we were born into servitude based on the system that has evolved over time.

As a child, your needs are fairly basic and thoughts about how society operates are not even an inkling in the back of your mind.  The indoctrination process begins with your mandatory enrollment into the public school system where you are taught how the world operates and what your role will be in the establishment.  During the early stages of a child's life are where the foundations of "common" knowledge are first engrained into a young, receptive mind.  A child will take what an adult tells them as fact and not bother to question the reason why.  

The teaching phase will continue over the course of a person's life until they finally graduate from the public school system, at which time they must make a choice.  We either have to join the workforce, military or attend college for more in depth training to help us become a better asset to society.  I just can't help but wonder why.

Try and picture what life was like for the very first humans.  I don't imagine there would have been  any of the systems of governmental control that we are forced to live with in today's age.   Their day to day lives probably consisted of gathering food and supplies and just trying to stay alive by working together as a cohesive unit.  They may have had their heroes or icons that they looked up to for their prowess at hunting perhaps but I just can't imagine that they would give up their resources or own free will to another human merely because they were more powerful or skilled.  This is where it gets cloudy and no one could possibly know the answer.   What type of moral fiber did the first humans have?  What if one of them were to take down an enormous creature to save his fellow humans, would the hero take the praise that surely came from his friends and let it go to his head?  Human beings are complex in how they operate from not only an intellectual level but from an emotional one as well.  In fact, I believe that our emotional depths are what make us unique.

We as a species have the utmost potential to become anything that we aspire to become if we just channeled our energy towards our goal.  Did the first humans live their lives from the perspective of, "What's of use to me?"  or did they have compassion, love and respect for their fellow human beings.   When did this change in human consciousness occur?  Has man always had a problem with power and control?  There are theories about how previous civilizations lived their lives and how their hierarchical structures compares to modern day society but, how much information could you possibly  gather from the first known humans to set foot or fin on this planet in the historical record as there really isn't any documented proof of language or hierarchical structures.  We can only hypothesize based off of evidence from a later period of time that actually left behind markers. 

I would like to think that humans are inherently good in nature but the world has been pulled over their eyes and they have been forced to live their lives in such a way that conforms to the societal norms put into place over the centuries.  The world has evolved into a corporate business with the goals of lining the pockets of a few while the rest of the drones play out their existence in servitude to a system they were born into.  I just can't help but feel that there is something far better for all of us.  A world where we do not pay homage to any one person, place, thing or belief as we are all equals. 

When you wake in the morning to the blaring sound of an alarm clock and prepare to start yet another day tied to the system, do you stop and ask yourself why we have to live our lives this way?  I wager that most don't.  They take it as "fact" that this is how the world is and you just have to deal with it regardless if you enjoy it or not.  A saying that has been passed down over the ages comes to mind; "You can count on two things in life, death and taxes."  Who cares when it was first put into place, things are the way they are and you have no power to change it.  I do not hold to that and I know that as a collective we could impact change but no one person can go it alone. 

There comes a point in a person's life where we start taking stock of how our own lives have progressed over the course of time and I am no different.  After reviewing my own progression it was only natural for me to look at the bigger picture of not only "self" but humanity as a whole.  Human beings are capable of compassion and love but a quick glance at the news and all you see is death and destruction and to what ends?  There are more questions then there are answers it seems with regard to how the human species has evolved over time.  One glance at history and you see many types of control but we do not know when the control mechanisms were put in to place and for what purpose.

There are memories I have of childhood that helped to shape my beliefs today and I can remember a story we read in 7th grade about the last member of the Yahi tribe.  Ishi wandered into the town I grew up in during August of 1911 and part of the school curriculum was his story.  They learned quite a bit about Ishi and his people and how they lived their lives.  I can remember reading his story in school and thinking to myself that this is how we were meant to live.  They all worked together to help support and maintain the tribe and basically just lived their lives.  We can't live that way in today's day and age as we would have some "government" official telling us what we can and cannot grow,  where we can and cannot live, what types of weapons you are allowed to keep and of course what their cut of whatever you have will be. 

Oh, you just want to live out in the wilderness as your ancestors before you lived and be left alone you say.  Well, the "government" would never allow this to happen as you do not own anything.  The government believes they own all of the land and if you are going to live on it (what choice do you have) you are going to pay them money.  Don't have any money?  That's ok, they will come in and take whatever it is you do have and then they will kick you off the property as they claim to own it.  You will then be outcast and only allowed back in when you start producing again for the society that has grown up around you.

If you could be granted one wish that had absolutely no limitations other then wishing for more wishes of course, what would you wish for?  Remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; cause and effect.  Negativity begets negativity just as a positive wish would have positive benefits.  Would you make your wish based off of your individual wants and needs at the time or would your thoughts encompass others beside yourself to benefit from the wish?    

There is something that I have found to be in short demand in our society and that is quite simply, truth.  If we operated from a perspective of only being able to speak the truth then I feel that we would not be in the shape that we are today.  Think back to the analogy of the first humans and their quasi hero that took down the prehistoric creature to save his fellow man.  Perhaps ego got involved and the hero realized that everyone was bringing him extra food or skins to wear etc. in order to show their appreciation.  The hero probably realized that he really didn't have to exert himself to much in taking down the beasts and because of it he was enjoying the extra wine, women and song so to speak.  Here are the makings of control.  The hero could try and rule over the rest of the humans at this point and tell them that he deserves all of the extra attention because he is the best at providing for the people so he deserves to be the ruler and have the final word on how they all live their lives. 

Eventually the people would realize that they are suddenly doing all of the work to support each other in the village environment without the help of their so called hero.  The hero that once may have harvested plants, caught fish from the streams or hunted alongside the others has now pulled himself away from these tasks which he feels are menial and below his stature now that he has shown his prowess at hunting.  The hero is now content to sit back in his cave and control the others, only going out if the other hunters failed to bring back meat for the people.  Ultimately I am sure he is hoping that the other hunters are not able to bring back food so that he can go out every month or so and remain the hero in the eyes of the people.     

As long as he can keep the people preoccupied with his success then the people will not question why he no longer finds himself to be an equal with the others and take part in the same tasks that they do from day to day.   If the hero were to be called out on this in our scenario where a person can only tell the truth, then the hero would have no choice but to tell his fellow man of his manipulative plan to reap the success and control the rest of them, being exempt from whatever task he felt was below him.   Upon hearing this how many of the villagers do you think would continue with the structure the hero tried to put into place?  I wager that none would but we don't live in a society where everyone tells the truth and somehow we have managed to get a structure in place that is anything but positive. 

Just because we could only speak the truth in our imaginary world does not mean that those other negative emotions are not still around and in the forefront of the minds of some of our fellow humans.   I believe that if everyone on this planet were shown the truth, the real truth of who we are as a species and how we have evolved over time, that perhaps at this point the feelings and emotions would change us into more positive beings with the purpose of only good as our number one goal. 

If the truth were to be told then it would help to stop all of the negativity that we have in our society today.  There are some humans that feel that due to their lineage and blood line that they are somehow special and above their fellow man.  Another group of people believe that because their skin is a certain color or they believe a different religious text from another person that it somehow makes them better.  If a person were shown the pure, unadulterated truth, then their petty beliefs would finally be shown for what they actually are, delusional, "common" knowledge passed down from generation to generation. 

Once you reach a certain stage in your life, you look around and wonder how it is that our species came to be where they are today.  We have great potential as a species if only we lived our lives purely and from a standpoint of love, compassion and above all, truth as opposed to living in the moment of what's of use to me.  If we were not so easily manipulated by others that feel the way of life we lead now is a great achievement and advancement to our species, then we would not live in servitude for the duration of our short lives.  I look at the starving, abused and forgotten masses of people and I just don't see how this is any kind of indication from an outsiders view to see us as a compassionate lot. 

I envision the entire population on the Earth to be aboard a large spaceship hurtling through space.  Each person has a choice to make, you can either conform to the norm with the rest of the world or you can be ostracized and shut out from the majority of the population.  The choice is yours.  Should you choose to go along with how society operates today, I see that your options are very limited and not fullfilling.  You are forced to stay within the confines of the construct that has been built around you.  Those of us that feel that something is not right and refuse to conform to societies controlling structure are breaking the boundaries and are able to walk about the cabin freely.  Will you remain locked aboard your spaceship and bend to the will of others in power or will you free your mind?  The choice is yours. 

The End

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