You allow the balloon to pull you into the air and leave the water far below.

A quick nod as a signal that you’re more than willing to follow; a sharp pull and you’re airborne, higher and higher into clear night.

The moon rises rapidly, a finger on a fast-forward. It is a blown-up head of Raggedy Andy, oversized and completely round,  sailor cap askew. Its bright orange light lends ruddy sheen to the waters below. It also illuminates two blimps approaching from the left. Soon they’re sailing past, and you can read the signs they bear. "Twenty percent off…" proclaims one; "Visit Bishop’s" invites the other. The music reaches you from the second blimp, something chunky and upbeat that sounds familiar but you can’t quite recognize. The moon is on a fast downward slide, Andy’s face away from you now, his hair lighting the blimps on fire. As the first blimp circles around, you read the rest of the slogan - "…with engraving" on the other side, but "Visit Bishop’s" blimp seems to be heading straight at you, ablaze, its size increasing with your every heartbeat.

The End

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