You and Me

Korea is a 16 year old girl who is an assassin who hides it behind her outter beauty but only one boy can see the true beauty within her.

Every night it was hard to sleep. My father died two months ago, and me and my mother were suffering. Well my mother is. I never suffered much in my life. The only time I really suffered was at night, under the stars, in the light of the moon.


“K…Kor…Korea” my mother said one night. I looked at her to see her crying. It was the fifth time today she has cried. I don’t like to see her cry, but I don’t try to sooth her pain. It’s not in the nature of a killer.


“Yes…Cally” I said, sighing. I never her called her mom a day in my life. I’m only sixteen, and I’ve already chosen my path for the rest of my life. An assassin, hidden by beauty. 

“Go to bed. It’s…its getting late, dear.” She said bursting into tears. I sighed and stood from my spot on the floor and headed towards the stairs. Her sobs grew quiet until I touched the last step. She burst into tears again. I sighed again. This was the routine every night. But her sobs of sadness were never the reason for my sleepless nights.

The reason was the howling in the middle of the night. I would wake up to the sound, wondering where it was coming from. I wondered onto the balcony every night, and would listen to the howl.

Surprisingly, it made me smile. The howl was music to my ears. But when it would stop, I would go back to bed and lie awake, wondering who or what it really was.

I was in my room now, taking in the scenery of my dull and depressing surroundings. I leaned on my door and sighed I was tired. My need of sleep was becoming greater and greater. I slid to the floor, laid on my side, and fell asleep.

I had what felt like five minutes of sleep, when I woke to the sudden sound of someone walking up the stairs. I tensed a little as I sat up and pulled out a small knife out from under my small dresser. I cracked open the door slightly, only to see Cally walking down the hall to her room. I relaxed a little. I wondered how I fell asleep so quickly. Her sobs died down earlier and I guess she fell asleep for awhile too.

I slid the knife back under the dresser, stood and went over to my bed. I sat down wondering if I would hear the wonderful howl tonight. I noticed a few ninja stars on my nightstand. I sat there and stared at them for a moment, then picked up the one that was closest to me. I looked at it, studying every edge, and every point. I picked up my small carving knife that rested on my stand.

In the center of the star, I carved my first and last initial on it. I set it gently on my bed then grabbed my pillow. It matched the rest of the room. Dull boring and depressing. I through it as hard as I could at the balcony doors. The doors burst open, letting a cold wind that blew in a few flurries of snow, along with a quiet howl from the creature I love. I didn’t shiver not once as the wind kept blowing in. I could only smile as I stood, letting my gown swirl around my legs. It was a short gown, barley past my fingertips, along with very short sleeves.

I picked up the star that I laid on my bed, and slowly walked out into the night. I looked through the trees, temptations of jumping of the balcony onto the ground, filled me with excitement. I looked at the star I still clutched tightly in my hands. I smiled at my initials, feeling proud of my name for a few short seconds.

Korea Stone wasn’t much of a name, but it gave everyone a sense of mystery of why it was what it was. I looked at the star one last time, before throwing deep into the woods, wondering who or what would find it.

Now I couldn’t resist the urge to run towards the glorious creature. I eyed the woods as I readied myself for the jump I was about to take. I backed up slowly towards the balcony doors. I poised myself, ready to run.

I cleared my mind of every thought except my prey. The creature,
who had a howl that sounded like music in the wind. I smiled at the thought, and
then took off at a dead sprint towards the rail. My hair looked like a cape
behind me. I kept gaining more and more speed. Faster and faster I seemed to
fly. I was mear inches away from the rail. The last few steps felt like the
world went into slow motion.

I ran up to the rail and flew off the balcony. My hair
looked like waves behind me. Farther and farther, the distance between me and
the house grew. I was getting closer to the ground now. I flipped forward as
life began to pick up again. I landed softly on the ground as a storm moved in.
A light drizzle, along with a few snowflakes began to fall. I smiled and began
to run.

I ran until I heard the howl again. It sounded so beautiful
that it seemed to cut the night in half. I stopped and listened closely. It sounded
like it was coming from the west. I started heading that way, dodging trees as
each one came into view.

I didn’t see it soon enough, but a root was sticking out
from the ground. I tripped, falling on it. It ripped my gown halfway up the seams,
drawing blood. I moved carefully to not cause any more injury. I pulled back
the now bloodstained gown to reveal a deep gash in the side of my stomach. I tore
some of my gown that wasn’t stained with the crimson red.  It came just below my chest. I wrapped
tightly around the horrible gash. I winced as the blood began to soak into the

I heard a branch snap to my left. I snapped my head in the
direction of the sound. I strike of lighting hit a nearby tree, catching it on
fire. I gasped in fear. But not for the fire. 
For the creature was standing by the tree. A wolf stood there, its paw
in the air. Its teeth were barred at me. I shuddered as, even in dim light from
the fire, I could see blood on his teeth. The wolf was out to kill. And I was
its next meal.

I wanted to back away but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I
couldn’t move the right side of my body. I was paralyzed and couldn’t do
anything about it.

The wolf began taking steps towards me, limping
as he came. I tried pushing myself away, but the other side of my body was too
weak to move. I sat there in horror as the wolf moved faster towards me. I closed
my eyes, running through the last thoughts I could remember

I felt the wolf biting my leg, the claws going deep into my
skin. I let out a screamed that echoed through the night, but no one seemed to
hear. I was alone in the woods, with a wolf that was going to eat me alive. Without
my weapons, I have no way to srvive. I was so weak I couldn’t even move.

I heard a sudden movement and then the pain from the wolf
was gone. I heard a yelp and flashed my eyes open. The wolf wasn’t at my feet
anymore. I looked around and heard the yelp again. I flashed my eyes to
movement by the burning tree. I heard one last yelp then a crack. I saw blood
flying in front of me to the ground. The wolf was dead but someone stood up.

It looked at what seemed to be a human. Red eyes glowed
before me, like nothing I’ve ever seen. I breathed in quickly as he took one
step towards me. I started shaking. But not in fear, but for the fact that no
matter what, I was going to die. I ain’t really afraid of death. I knew it was
gonna come one day, whether I’m old or not.

It came closer to me. it stepped out of the dark and into
the bright light of the fire. It was a man. He had hair that came down past his
jaw, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but was wearing pants that was tight at the
waist and was baggy till his ankles. He was mear inches away now. I held my
breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice me.

I could feel his bright red eyes on me. I looked back into
his, feelings sucked in to his soul.

But then everything went black…

Then I saw flames of fire burning all around. I wasn’t scared
of the fire. I was scared I’ve been here before. Well not personally. I fell
into his gaze and plunged into what was left of his soul. In the soul dimension,
I could move freely, even during the most severe injuries. I wondered through
his soul, walking through flame after flame of burning feelings.

I kept walking till I found what I was looking for. Or some
of it anyways. I found his heart, which seemed almost black. I touched it
lightly and pulled back in horror as reality came back to me. So many loses I saw
through his life that made me sad. I couldn’t bear to deal with that, even if I
did care about my family.

The End

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