Chapter 4 Part 1

Ari fastened the restraints and glanced over at Jett. The younger male was quiet as he stared at the metal grated floor. Ari studied him for a moment before taking off his helmet and placing it between his feet. A suffocating silence hung thick in the air as the two made eye contact. Jett’s baby blues looked sad as they met the cold gray of Ari’s. “Your eyes don’t ever seem to change…” He murmured to the Gunner’s surprise. “What’s that supposed to mean, Jett..?” Ari shifted in his seat and very slightly squinted at the blonde.

“Your face and body language changes throughout any situation but your eyes… They never fluctuate with the emotions you’re portraying unless its anger…” Jett started before pausing to collect his thoughts. Ari didn't seem to react to this just yet as his expression stayed stable while Jett was figuring out his next words. “Why… why don't they change for me..?” the Runner’s voice was almost a whisper now as his head hung. Ari’s cold façade stayed just that as he mulled over all that Jett had said. The words hung heavy in the air as the two didn't say any more to each other for the duration of the flight back to base.Once the carrier touched down at the base, the cargo bay door opened, thankfully not revealing an angry Commander. Ari stood and walked briskly for the changing rooms. Jett moved much slower however, taking his time picking up his helmet and walking to the room as well.

Jett walked over and picked up his clothes from the locker and began undressing as well. Ari grumbled as he tried to unsnapped the protectional plates attacked to the outer shell of his armor. Jett paused in pulling his shirt on to turn and undo them for him. The Gunner slightly stiffened then relaxed, slightly closing his eyes as he heard the methodical clicks then light thuds as they dropped to the floor. Ari rolled his shoulder blades and let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks…” He murmured.

Jett merely nodded and watched out of the corner of his eye as Ari shrugged of the layers composing his suit. He saw the still unhealed splotch of red across Ari’s back, and noticed that it looked even worse than the day before from rubbing against the inner layer of his suit. “You should let me bandage that…” the younger teen murmured and glanced over at the first aid kit in the bottom of the locker. 

Ari paused and looked back at him, his eyes looking at the thinly framed teen. His lips parted slightly and closed again before he forcefully exhaled and nodded. “Go ahead…” He said flatly and sat down on the bench in front of the two. Jett picked up the slim case and walked over behind the raven haired male. Ari softly sighed and pushed the skintight layer down to his hips to reveal his whole back. 

Nimble fingers unlatched the case and pulled out a tube of ointment. Jett unscrewed the cap and squeezed a bit of the paste into his palm and carefully applied it to the top of the red patch. Ari tensed as he felt small dabs of the ointment being applied and carefully rubbed down the sore muscles of his back. The circular movements of his fingertips relaxed him and soon loosened the tense muscles. But as soon as the touch came, Jett removed his hands and reached down to pick up the gauze. Air vents chilled Ari’s bare torso and caused his body to slight shudder before he felt the warmth of Jett’s hand against the small of his back with the roughness of the gauze. 

“Sit up straight.” Jett calmly instructed and felt the older teen’s body shift and sit up straight despite a slight hiss. Jett kneeled down and began to slowly yet tightly wrap the pristine bandages around him for the length of the injury. “How long are you going to make me wear this stupid thing..?” Ari looked up at Jett, his bangs falling back and revealing his forehead. Jett frowned down at him and flicked the newly exposed skin. “Until you stop accidentally rubbing that wound raw.” Ari just looked up at him and grumbled before frowning and standing up. One hand moved up to his forehead. “Kid, I think you need to get yourself a nail file.” he mumbled and slid off the inner layer. Jett looked at him for a few moments longer before turning to button his shirt. 

Soon, the two were fully dressed and making their way down the hall to their room, side by side and in step. The air between the two was a bit uncomfortable, but calm. Ari mulled over Jett’s words on the plane earlier as the latter unlocked their room and walked in. “Im going to shower.” Ari said at the threshold. Jett froze and quickly whirled around as Ari was beginning to turn. “Oh no you don’t! I just bandaged you up!” Ari sighed and looked back at the blonde. “You can just redo it later…” “Absolutely not. Go to the library or something and don't do anything to make it any worse.” The younger teen said firmly. 

The raven haired male got an annoyed expression for a moment before touching the quickly folded newspaper. A slight smirk quirked his face before he began to walk out. “Library it is then.”  Ari walked off and shut the door behind him. He hadn't been to the library in a good while, if ever, so it took him a moment to remember the access code and password for the computer in the corner of the large room. 

The End

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