Chapter 1 Part 2

The door to the balcony slid open and Ari stepped back inside. He set the now empty glass bottle down on top of the tiny counter area before shuffling into the shared bedroom. It was late and he was just exhausted. He had trained extra today on top of cleaning the bath house by himself while Jett was in his navigation class. Jett got up and did the same, knowing that Ari liked everything silent once he deemed it time to go to bed. 

Their shared room wasn't very big. The somewhat cramped space housed a twin sized bunk set along with a small desk for Jett and the closet for their uniforms and limited personal belongings. 

Ari had picked up his jacket and socks and slung them into the hamper along with his dark gray tank top. Metal clanked as his belt was carelessly tossed next to the scuffed pair of boots. Jett walked to the closet and calmly dodged the clothes and Ari shed them. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a  skinny patch of angry, red skin that ran down Ari's back.

"Did he get into another fight..?" Jett thought to himself and paused. Ari's left shoulder was bruised as well as the pale, contoured skin  above his tailbone. 

"What happened to you..?" Jett quietly asked. Ari didn't turn but simply replied.

"Some guy said my streak was ugly, so I said his face was." He was referring to the single pale, bleached streak in his otherwise dark hair.

"How did the other guy fare?" Ari scoffed. "He'll be nursing that black eye for at least a week." 

Jett sighed. "I thought you said you wouldn't fight our allies any more..." 

Ari threw a smirk back at him. "I said I wouldn't start them. I never said I would just let some guy beat me."

"I know..." Jett replied then thought. "I just want you to be safer..." 

  Ari flopped down on the bottom bunk, not really thinking much about it. "So what if I get into fights? It's just more training..." He thought and rolled onto his side, slightly wincing. He knew his limits and he wasn't seriously injured of anything. It was just a flesh wound. Jett just worried about him too much. He heard a sigh come from Jett's general area and reached up to turn off the lamp.  “G'Night" 

"Night, Ari."

The End

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