You and I

Aug. 30

I don't know what to say except for this. I got you today. My diary. I will fill you with my life story. You will listen to every word I write, and memorize every page. Do not tell anyone or I will throw you in the garbage. And I mean it. Well, mother says I should write how old I am and what I look like, so her being my parent, I have to do what she says.

My name is Allyson Weeks. I have almost white hair, that falls to my waist. I have hazel eyes. I am marked as a girly type but deep down I wish I wasn't. Eleven years is my age. I was born on October 2nd. These facts are all worthless except for my last one,





Yes, you did not hear me wrong. I am a princess.

Princess Allyson daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Weeks. Soon to be trained.

Now you know why I wish I am marked as girly type. I wish. 

My diary, probably wish you were alive and could talk as well as speak. You probably wish you were in my shoes, and I in yours. You are completely wrong. My life is wrong. People want to be my friend so they can be treated like royalty. The town of Weeks boy down to my feet. Others worship our family instead of God. The town of Weeks is completely wrong. And I'm going to change it.

You heard me, someday when I have gone, in the books under the name Weeks will be my name and why I got into them. It will specifically say, for changing the town of Weeks from themselves.

Remmeber, this is a secret, diary. So you may not open for anyone to see my words written in cursive on this page. No, not even my mother or father. Only you and I know the secrets hidded behind your brown leather cover and you thick lock. Only you and I.....

The End

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