The soberingly truth view of the world from a young girl travelling through her traumatic life. Abused by her family, left by her mother and heart broken by the ones she trusted, this is the view of human nature from one who cannot help but deteste it.

We are delicate creatures.

Creatures of such a delicate and fragile manner it becomes inevitable that we shall all one day fall. Human nature instructs us to love; to fight for love, to die for love, to let love take every atom in our body and burn it from within. How can creatures of such genetic and evolutionary beauty have such a fatal flaw? Our own species hamartia if you so wish.

I was seventeen when I truly understood the human's greatest downfall. There was no warning, no build up or premeditation; just a final blow to my skin, one that rippled through my chest and stopped the beating within. For me this wasn't just the end, it was the beginning of my story, my tale with all the adjectives the younger me used removed. With no heart, why was there need for romantics? The truth was stone cold and now so was I.

The End

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