When he leaves you to get high, then he leaves you completley. There is no more soul to him, all that's left are tracks to an empty shell.

Sometimes "you" visit.

When I say  you I mean what's left of the you I use to know.

I hate that...

There's no joy, no colours, no laughter

Nothing but superficial features to prove it's the same boy.

But it's not the same boy

That boys' eyes were bright and innocent

This boy's eyes are dulled with anger.

This boy has seen the world.

I wish that you hadn't of

Wish I could have stopped you at the airport...

I tried, God how I tried

To make you understand that once you get on that plane there's no turning back.

To make you see that what starts off as paradise soon becomes just another dreary reality you can't escape from.

You got on the plane.

I watched you take the steps, questioning myself with each one

Heart debating with head

The idealistic temptation so strong

My desire for you so strong

My heart continued to egg me on, but my head put a stop to it

I let you go.

Sometimes "you" visit

When I say you I mean what's left of the you i use to know.

I hate that.

The End

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