Yorkshire 1867 AD

This is something I wrote when I was in primary school. It's not much but I feel proud of my 8 - 10 year old self.

Abigail and Katherine entered the cemetery gates “Are you sure Father told us to go into the cemetery?” Asked Abigail, “I mean, we could do it some other time” “Don’t be silly!” “ We need to drop these flowers off by our Grandfathers grave, we do it every Halloween.” Replied Katherine.  “Yes, but why Halloween?” Said Abigail. “Because this is when he died!” “ He chose some day to die.” Abigail stated. As they walked further into the cemetery fog started to build up from underneath their feet, more and more closing in on then like a trap. Suddenly, the air got colder like they were stuck in a freezer, a voice called out “Abigail!” it said, Abigail heard the voice and thought it was her Sister “Katherine, what is it?” Katherine looked to here Sister looking puzzled “I didn’t say anything,” Katherine replied, Abigail started to become suspicious and was deeply scared. Abigail looked at every gravestone she saw, she then complained again "I don’t like this place, it scares me!” “Does it scare you too?” However, when Abigail looked back at her Sister she was gone. 
Abigail was no longer gripping her Sister’s safe hand. “Sister... Are you trying to scare me like you did last Halloween! Hello?” “Katherine!!” 
when Abigail look down at the ground curiously, all that was there were the flowers her Sister was carrying in her hand, Abigail heard the voice of a girl singing a lullaby just after her Sister had vanished. “Hello?” Abigail said trying to find the voice of the girl. Shortly, the girls voice deepened Abigail saw fear taking over her mind, as she swallowed her voice, she could say no more. She saw her fate as it chose her future uncontrollably.

Abigail tried to make her way to the cemetery gates but the fog was building up quicker than usual, she could no longer see the entrance as it slowly disappeared in fog. The fog was thicker than Abigail had seen in her life. While trying to find the gates Abigail tripped on a peculiar shaped headstone. She looked back at the headstone. Suddenly, she saw a monster. It’s face, like a demon. Abigail screamed as the demon grabbed her leg dragging her into the bushes, Abigail tried to grab the edge of a grave but the demon multiplied its strength pulling her with huge force. Clawing the moist ground, Abigail was screaming for her life, no one was able to hear her for the demon was too strong and pulling the into the forest never to be seen or heard from again.
The girls voice was calling from a near by tree and her voice got clearer as she sang her sweet relaxing song.

The fog then cleared into mist and slowly the mist vanished and joined with the air. Everything was quiet the grass was green and swaying as a breeze swept over the moist ground the girl had stop singing, she seemed to had vanished,
But there was no telling what would happen when death came!

The End

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