Mother and daughter talk

I always knew I was different from my family. I am no where near their strength, height or perfections. They all can change into wolves, big wolves they are what we call wolf shifters. And I am what we call a witch or sorceress or sorcerer. All I know is that when I was very little I lost my real parents and the Banes took me in and raised me like their own daughter. Once everyone was finished eating I helped my mom wash the dishes while my dad and brother left the house. “Mama does dad not trust me? Does he not think that I have no control over my powers?” I questioned my mom as soon as my father had left. “Honey I just think that he worries and that he just wants to make sure that nothing is going to happen to you. Your powers and different and extremely powerful and dangerous” she explained to me as we worked on the dishes. “But mother the Bolisters can’t really teach me anything else. There powers are different then mine and they have already taught me the magic basics and I know that I can control my powers. I know that I can be useful and a big help to father. Why doesn’t he see that?” I asked her knowing that she knew the answer. “Your father does know your power and ability and he knows that you can be helpful, but you’re still his daughter and you’re still very young.” She explained. I didn’t at all like this answer. “Mother… she stopped me mid sentence. “Jenny enough I believe that your father knows what he is doing and you should not worry so much and listen to him. In time you will understand but not now. Now you need to be running along to the Bolisters.” She took the dish out of my hand and practically scooted me out of the house with nothing but a bye.

The End

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