Meet the parents

Once I got downstairs my parents and brother were at the table ready to eat. The food smelled amazing my mom was a really good cook even with the small variety that we have . It smelt like eggs and potatoes. My favorite. I sat down in my spot at the table and grabbed my plate. We all started eating. “Carmen your going over to the Bolisters today. To continue practicing and learning how to use your magic.” My father said strictly. My father was about as big as my brother; they also share the same facial features, hair color and eye color. He is also muscular but not as much as my brother I assume due to his age. My father is one of the leaders of the village army and is very well respected by everyone in our village. He is pretty much someone else you do not want to make angry. Which I am pretty good at. “But father I don’t believe that they can teach me……” He stopped me in mid sentence in his loud booming voice. “Jenny you know that your powers are difficult to control and I believe that they can still teach you more. You are going over there and I am done talking about this.” He finished speaking and started eating viscously. I knew that there was no sense in taking the argument any farther. I saw my mother glace at me and then glanced at my father awhile before she to continued eating. My mother as well was very tall but she wasn’t nearly as muscular as my dad or brother but she was still very physically fit. Her hair was long and curly brown and always shiny. Her eye color was  green super bright. Her facial features and body are very dark a diffident and like my brother and father naturally perfect. “Soon there is going to be a meeting in the towns square. The mayor is going to be discussing what actions are going to be taken and probably assign roles so we can all start getting organized and prepare for the future.” We all listened to my father intentively wanting to know more but knowing that this was really all he knew. We all knew that our lives were going to change and that things from here are just going to get worse but we were still going to be a family. As we sat at the table and my family ate the food. I knew that I was very different from all of them but that they were my family.

The End

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