Big I mean really big brother

A spell caster girl that lives with a wolf shifting family ends up becoming a secret and important weapon in the war against the vampires

“Carmen get up its time for breakfast.” My dad roared as I tiredly opened my eyes. Again it was very early in the morning. I really didn’t want to be awake this early but I knew there is no arguing with my dad. I sat up looked around my small room with my same old bed, my dresser, and a desk scattered with papers and books. Underneath the desk there is a small chest with some of my old toys and knickknacks. The floor is old and wooden where as the walls are just as bleak. My favorite thing in the room is the little window above the desk, where every morning the light shines in. If only I was not always up before the sun. I got up and stretched. Blinking many times to try and wake up.  I leaped off of my bed. Ran to my dresser and changed my clothes. Knowing that if I was late for breakfast that I would not be allowed to eat. And I would have to deal with my angry dad. After I finished changing my clothes ran to the door and threw it open. I walked out or the room but before I closed the door I took another look at my room and knew that I had a lot more to be thankful for then most of the people in my village.

I closed the door but as soon as I turned to walk down the stairs I was pushed and almost toppled down the stairs.“Better watch out and get out of my way slow poke.” My big and I mean literally big brother said in his teasing tone. As he said this he pushed me out of the way and started racing downstairs. “Jeeze Cole You are such a pig” I yelled to him as he ran down the stairs and I regained my stepping. Nobody can get in my brothers way when he is hungry. He would literally step on you he is so tall and big and strong. His tan darker colored copper skin and his thick eye brows and the little bit of facial hair he has makes him look even bigger. The only thing that makes him look innocent at all is his big brown eyes that match the color of his hair. After I regained my stepping I raced down the steps after my giant older brother.


The End

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