Yet to be titled..

I've been playing around with a story idea for a while... This is just another attempt :)

School is trivial.

Work is trivial.

Life is trivial.

And so, I spend far too much time afraid to leave the confinements of my mind.



It was as if I was laying eyes on her for the first time all over again. The short, weighty blonde girl I remembered had transformed into the tall, beautiful creature in front of me without me realizing and it took a few seconds for me to tear my eyes away.

Five years ago – the last first time I laid eyes on Effie Judd – my reaction had been a little more nonchalant. The short, blonde, shapeless bob that had once hung either side of her face had been dyed dark brown and now fell in beautiful, gentle curls half-way down her back. And where once stood a short, shapeless child now stood a tall, shapely young woman who looked about 5 years older then the teenagers in the surrounding room.

I looked at her again and she smiled.

Damn. It was even harder to drag my eyes away this time but I did, after returning the smile. This time I noticed her eyes. They were hazel but unlike any I’d seen before, framed by long black lashes and faintly outlined. She had a small mouth but full, curving lips.

And at this rate, she was going to get paranoid.

I continued in my scrutiny. She wasn’t perfect - a chicken pox scar next to her left eyebrow and slightly large front teeth – but her clear complexion, bright eyes and confident manner could easily fool the most observant person. I found myself searching for more flaws.

She caught my eye this time, “Nice summer?” she asked with another beautiful smile.

Grow up. I didn’t trust myself to speak without sounding stupid; I was never this self-conscious.

It took me too long to answer, “It was alright, went to Spain with my parents, couple of camping trips with the boys”.

“Sounds nice,” she replied with a nod.

I didn’t know how to reply – I’d never been good at keeping up a conversation but right now I was desperate too.

“Eh… How was yours?”

She smiled again. We wouldn’t get anywhere if she kept doing that. “It was a bit slow to be honest. I didn’t do much for the first couple weeks, just saw friends and then my family and I went to France for three weeks and then it was my birthday so I had a party which was, erm, eventful…”

“Go on…”

She’s easy to talk to. I was struggling on flaws so I incorporated one of my own and gave up.

“Too many people, even more alcohol… I don’t want to go into details.”

Please go into details.

“Oh. Erm… That’s a shame.”

The End

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