Yesterday's Future

Layla lives in two lives: the one she could of lived , and the one she does live. To everyone else she lives a normal life, but when the time comes, can she see herself as Layla or the person she could have been?

Chapter 1 Monday morning

I awoke to find my self in my small down town apartment. I could see the sunrise through the window. My alarm clock was what had disturbed my dreams. I groaned and whacked the blaring clock with all the force i could muster. The shill squawk fell silent. I got up and looked in the mirror.   I was still wearing my faded blue jeans and red strapless shirt with my blue necklace. My shoes were nowhere to be found and my purse was on top of the flatscreen TV. My mascara and blood red lipstick in addition to my miraculously untangled hair made me look like a scary goth girl on her way to a nightclub. I turned and plunked myself back on to the bed, picking up the TV remote on the way. I turned it on. CNN news. What a boring way to start a saterday morning. I jumped up and turned off the TV. I ran a brush through my hair, rummaged through my closet and found a pair of heels that matched the skinny jeans i had pulled out too, and put on my Iron Maiden concert Tee. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I fished my car keys out of my italian leather purse and got into my sleek black Corvette. I drove to the mall, at a loss for better things to do, parked my car, walked into the closest store to the door, and spent my afternoon looking through the racks of dresses,shirts and pants. 

The End

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