"There are times when we have to be decent, Miss Kemp. There are also times when a man can tolerate no more." She was frozen rigid by his torpid tone. His language was underpinned with a recognisable frustration. "Two weeks ago I was sat on a grassy knoll, very poetic wouldn't you agree? It was when you passed me at a baby's arm length that I began to question the concept of decency." She flinched away with a silent scream in her eyes as he lowered his left hand onto her thigh and his right hand, once again, clamped her mouth. Over the top of a muffled cry he continued, "For thirteen days I have ensured you have entered my vision as often as possible, always considering this concept of decency. It seems to work two-fold, wouldn't you say Miss Kemp?" He moved his hand from thigh to stomach and smiled with admiration as a few of her teeth found their way around one of his fingers.

'How did he get in?'

She could feel him shaking as his fingers twisted under her top and began to knead at the flesh of her stomach. "Miss Kemp, I have seen many like you. You are a test of a man's decency. Especially a lonely one. Have you ever been lonely Miss Kemp?" Tears formed around her eyes and eventually streamed down her face on to the matress. She nodded. "Then you have a vague understanding of the position I'm in."

'How did he get in?'

He took his hand away from her breasts and reached up to scratch at the top of his head. "You see, Miss Kemp..." She swung her left arm across his face, fingers outstreched so that the fingernail of her index finger met with his right eye. He released his hand from her mouth in order to secure her flailing limb and she let out a scream. He slapped her across the face, secured both her arms behind her back and sat, straddling her chest so that the only movement she had was in her legs. Placing one hand over her mouth, and unfastening his belt with the other he stared over her; a droplet of blood falling from his face onto her lips.

"Now, Miss Kemp, there is no avoiding this. I am devoid of my decency. It is people like you that steal decency from lonely people like me." She shook her head frantically beneath his hand so that he had to apply more pressure. "This will happen, but how it happens is entirely up to you. Are you going to make this easy for yourself and be a good girl Miss Kemp?"     

The End

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