A story where every branch ends with the options of Yes or No

Theres only one rule to the story, each thread must end with the two options yes or no. Good luck.


 Ellie awoke to the sound of wailing sirens on the street below. She didn't open her curtains. The sound had become as familiar as that of her own breathing these past few weeks, she rolled over and tried to muffle the sound with her pillow but it did very little and she found herself wishing once again that she had decided to commute rather than live in the city centre.

 Not that she had any problems with the flat itself, it was more than she could ever have hoped for the price, at the time she had no idea why it could have possibly been so cheap, now she strongly suspected it was because of the unrelenting traffic and the nearby A & E.

 With a sigh Ellie reached for her all to familiar mp3 played hoping the familiar if slightly painfull tones of James Blunt could lull her to sleep, as she reached out she swatted the button to light up the alarm clock on the bedside table, 4am, she had to be up at 6, Ellie groaned and fell back against her pillows.

 Finaly lulled by 'your beautifull' Ellies eyelids began to close when she was rudely awakened by a sweaty hand clamped over her mouth and a cold metalic object pressed to her forehead.

"I suggest you stay very quiet" I harsh voice rasped

 The hand moved away and Ellie bacame strangly aware that her frantic breating now seemed to drown out the sirens.

"Miss Kemp?" The voice asked, suddenly seeming unsure whether he had the right person.

The End

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