Fighting for what?Mature

The door opens and I can hear a large group coming in speaking in some non-European language. Green Jumper man comes in “Stand up bitch your buyers here” I stood up semi-naked and covered in bruises and scratches I could already tell which one of the guests wielded the power. He was of medium height with a short dark brown beard and olive coloured skin. He looked me up and down and smiled “Excellent, Barry you’ve done well with this one” He said in broken English. My abductors smile at me “come on poppet into the car” My buyer interrupts “Actually I would prefer her to be wearing something first. I can see that you had your way with her but according to my religion she is required to have some form of body and head covering” He turns to one of his six huge bodyguards “Have you got something for my wife to wear?” Hang on where did marriage come into this? In the past twenty four hours I’ve been abducted, raped and now told I’m marrying some wealthy freak who can’t chat up girls so he buys them from sick English perverts! Do I get a say in this?


He turns back to me holding a long dress and a headscarf “Put these on. By the way my name is Mohammad bin Nodnol.” I scowl why does he think I’m bothered? If he wants me to be happy he can call the police and get me home. “Come on the cars waiting outside” I am escorted to a large black Mercedes with tinted windows. A chauffer has already started the car. The car door opens and Green Jumper man shoves me in. “Please She is not in your care now be more gentle with my purchase” Ok so the wife bit was to freak me out I’m still an item in a cruel, cruel shop. The door slams shut I’m trapped between bin Nodnol and one of his Gorillas. The Vehicle pulls away from the grimy little car park and I realise there is no way I can get out of this nightmare.


I’m sat on lilo in the middle of a private 5* hotel on the coast of Mexico, trying to explain to my little brood why we’re here and Daddy isn’t. Aara, my eldest, turns to me “Mummy you mean Daddy bought you like he bought Talal (Talal was Aara’s pet turtle)” I thought of how to explain human trafficking to a nine and a half year old. “Not exactly sweetheart when daddy bought Talal for you he was buying you a present legally” Her little face screwed up in concentration, the other three just didn’t look like they understood “But weren’t you daddy’s present to himself” “I suppose so darling but when daddy bought me from two nasty men it was illegal”


That night Aara came up to me wanting me to explain my life before her daddy to her. “Sweetheart Mummy was born far away in England then one day when Mummy was fourteen some nasty men kidnapped her they took her to a horrible place and then” I paused wondering what to say next “ Aara, you know daddy told you last year how babies are made.” “Yes when mummy and daddy love each other very much they….” I interrupted. “Yes but sometimes Ladies and girls and occasionally Men and Boys don’t want to make a baby but someone forces them to have sex.” Her face was aghast “Those nasty men made you make a baby?” I laughed bitterly “No there was no baby but yes they forced me to have sex with them. When that happens the police call it is called rape and you can go to prison for it if the girl is under sixteen you can go to prison even if the girl consents.” Aara looked up at me with tears in her eyes; she sniffed once and asked the question I knew she would ask one day. “Mummy your twenty four aren’t you?” I nodded “I’m nine so you were only fifteen when I was born,” again I nodded “So…..legally daddy can go to prison for rape as well?” I sighed and I think my eyes told her the painfully true answer.


I had been in the car for two days I’d been allowed out every five hours for the toilet and I had been fed smoked salmon sandwiches every so often and bored stiff by bin Nodnol about my new home and how many servants I would have and when we would be getting married oh and how I have to convert to Islam. Great am I bothered I mean I didn’t believe in god before what makes him think I will now? After two weeks of driving. Yeh apparently all eight of the drongos are trained get away drivers. Fantastic! The house is very large and there are chickens pecking around the entrance. We go inside. I turn fast wanting there to be some escape route but my arm is grabbed and a voice tells me “Come all I want of you is that you provide me with some children and live as my wife” I flare up “And that’s not much is it? I am fourteen years old; I’m supposed to be doing my GCSE’s not becoming some poor little housewife!” I am bundled into are small room with nothing in it Mohammad bin Nodnol shuts the door behind himself “Now young lady I realise your experience has been traumatic and I despise what those two did to you but I’m not going to make you sleep with anyone but me and that’s only if you feel ready. You’ve got 20 maids and your disposal and if you just calm down we can go shopping in town for more clothes for you.” I flinched at his outburst and then slowly bowed my head in surrender. “Good now.  I’ve just realised I still don’t know your name. What is it?” I paused not quite knowing what to say. Whether I should tell him my name, ignore him or make one up. After a minute I decided to follow my name’s meaning: Truth. “Verity, Sir” He smiled at me for the first time it was a glowing thing with pure white teeth and not a filling in sight. “I’m afraid we will have to make your name a little more local. Verity means truth so we’ll introduce you as Sadiqa. Come on we’ll walk down to the town and call me Mohammad” I say nothing but follow him like a sheep he can’t take my name away from me but apart from that what do I have left?      

The End

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