Yes, I too had a love story.Mature

it is about a girl who found, lost & destroyed her love just for nothing......find out what made her take such steps...?



“It’s almost dusk, it is better to leave now. Mom & dad would be looking for me.” 

Sitting alone in the silence of ‘Sunset Park’ was killing me. I moved my legs fast to get back to my parents & brother.

When I entered in, no one asked me anything about not being in the house for the whole day, but kept a silence. As I moved to my room, my mother asked me to get fresh & change my clothes. May be it was because I was looking tired & had not combed for the whole day.

I followed the instructions & felt like sleeping, but suddenly the door bell started ringing. Not once, not twice but almost a fifty times. Now I could not tolerate that noise & went downstairs to see what was happening?

I could not believe what I saw all the relatives & friends of ours were present there. The room was looking beautiful with pink, white & purple balloons.  The candles were adding to the beauty of it.

My 10 yrs old brother held my hand & took me to the center of the living room. Everyone wished me ‘happy birthday’& my maid brought the birthday cake. It had a candle saying 20. It was really amazing how everyone arranged everything so fast. I was happy to be there. My mom & dad are though the best mom & dad in the world & my brother is the sweetest one, the party was my best birthday party ever & we all were together, there was something which prevented me to smile, laugh & even dance, which has been my passion for years. At some corner of my heart there was a pain which made me cry. But I don’t know how I could keep those tears hidden from my parents. 

As it is said, when you are in love, you feel crowded  even if you are alone, but when you lose it you feel alone even if you are crowded.

The same thing was happening with me. Yes I too had a love story.

The End

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