Yes I love you: Page five.

 I stand up and stare in horror at the big ketchup stain on my shirt. The cafeteria erupts in laughter. I feel the tears forming in my eyes. I storm out of the cafeteria leaving the tray and the mess on the floor. I run into the bathroom. I scream and kick a stall door. Tears streaming down my face. I lock myself in a stall. "Emma come out." Casey says from the other side of the stall door. "No." I yell at her. "Yes Emma come out." Zeke says. What is he doing in here? "What is Zeke doing in the girl's room."I ask. "Checking up on you the same as me." Casey answers. "He'll be the laughing stalk of the school if anyone sees him in here." I say whipping my eyes with a piece of toilet paper. "I don't give a crap what they think about me." Zeke mumbles. "Well I do so get out." I say a little to loudly. "Only when you get out." He says. "Fine." I swing open the stall door open running straight into Zeke. I immediately back up. "Have you been crying?" He asks. "No. My face gets puffy when I'm mad." I say walking out of the bathroom. 

 The rest of the day goes pretty crappy. Everyone I pass laughs at the stain on my shirt. I ignore them. Casey still yells at them thought. I couldn't have been happier when it was time to go home. Me and Zeke climb into moms car. "Hey how was school?"mom asks when we sit down. "Good." I say immediately. Zeke looks at me. I shake my head. He rolls his eyes and looks out the window. " That's good." She says as we pull up to Zeke house. "Can't he just walk?" I ask. "No well yes. But you two are going to watch Ann while me and Cathy go shopping." She says. We both groan. But we get out of the car without complaining. Cathy and my mom leave. "Hi can you guys play with me?" Ann ask. "No." Zeke answers. I laugh. Ann starts to pout. "Aw come on Zeke." I tease. He glares at me. Ann opens one of the boxes.I look in the box and laugh. I grab a tiara and put it on zekes head. "Come on you look pretty." I say and we both start laughing.

The End

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