Yes I Love you: page four.

 We walk up the school sidewalk. "You nervous?" Zeke asks. I was but I wasn't going to tell him that. "Nah. It'll be fine." I tell him. He nods. "Emma! Woohoo over here." Someone yells. I turn around to see Casey running up to us her shoulder bag bouncing against her hip. "Hey Casey." I say as she hugs me. "Whos this?" She says as she turns to Zeke. "Zekes my neighbor." I said. "Oh. Well hi Zeke I'm Casey. " He nods. We walk into the school. It was huge. Zekes locker is in the upstairs part in the school and ours is on the downstairs. Beaver goodbye and we go our separate ways. "He's cute." Casey says when he leaves. I shrug. "But I still have my eyes on Brandon Fisher." Brandon Fisher was the hottest most popular guy that ever went to this school. And Casey was obsessed with him. She followed him just to pass him in the halls to say hi. I roll my eyes."Guys like him don't like girls like us. The sooner you realize that the better." I say shutting my locker. "Thats not true. " She protested. I don't say anything I just walk into miss Baldwin's class. "Hello girls." She says as we come in. I wave and Casey doesn't say anything. We sit in the back row away from Heather and her evil monkeys. Heather was the richest,meanest, and most popular out of all of us. And yes she was going out with Brandon Fisher. "Nice to see you again Emma. Same as if you were in sixth grade." Heather says pointing at my chest. I instinctively cross my arms over my chest and glare at her. But I don't say anything. 

Zeke walks in five minutes late. "So I see your late on the first day." Miss Baldwin says to him. "Sorry kinda got lost." Zeke mumbles. Miss Baldwin nods. He comes and sits to the right of me. Casey sits on my left. "New boy." Heather hissed. "Isnt everyone new." He says and opens a notebook. "Not to me I know everyone." Heather says smiling. Zeke nods and starts scribbling in his notebook. Math goes by with a few more rude comments from Heather. That I just ignore. At lunch I flop down my chair next to Casey who is talking to some people from her band class. "Hey Em." She says as I bite into my sandwich. I swallow my bite. "Hey." I say as I take another. Zeke comes and sits in front of me. "Aren't you gonna eat?" I ask Casey. "Nah I'm not hungry." She answers. I finish my sandwich and get up to dump my tray. "Oopsie." I hear as I fall on to my tray.

The End

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