Yes I love you: Page three.

  It's been a week since I was at the mall with Zeke. Today was the first day of school. I was  Highbury?freshman in high school! One month till I was fifteen! I put on my new jeans and  a old graphic t-shirt. I pulled on my converses. "Emma hurry up. I'm also driving Zeke to school too!" My mother screamed. I grab my backpack and walk into the kitchen. "Eat this." She said as she handed me a Apple. I take a bite out of it." Come on." She said as we walk out of the front door.We walk up to zekes house. My mom knocks. "Come in!" Cathy says from the other side of the door. We walk into the door. As we walk into the kitchen I see Zeke in his boxers and a stained t-shirt eating fruity pebbles. I burst out laughing. He sees us. "Crap!" He yells and runs up the stairs. Mom shoots me a dirty look and I stop laughing. "Sorry about Zeke. He's a little slow in the morning." Cathy says as she walks into the kitchen. I smirk. Five minutes later Zeke comes down fully dressed in jeans and a rock t-shirt. 

We all get into the car. Mom insisted that we both sit in the back seat. "Nice underwear." I whisper to him.  "I know right." He whispers back. I laugh out loud. My mom looks ain the mirror at us. I smile innocently. She rolls her eyes and looks away. "Whos your homeroom?" I ask. I had miss Baldwin. "Miss Baldwin. You?" He asks." Same." I answer. He nods. Mom stops the car in front of the school. "Have a nice day guys."She said as we got out.

The End

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